Entertainment Diary - MONDAY

May 14, 2018
This beauty was sure to turn heads when she attended Chillin in the Mawning at Murray's Farm in Clarendon recently.

FRI, May 18


Kingston and St Andrew


New Level Round Robin, in association with Francene, presents her round robin and cake sale, We Pray, at Top A Top Car Wash and Bar (across from Total gas station, West Main Drive). Black forest cake, cheesecake, red velvet cake, plain cake and pizza. Tickets: $600. Music by a popular disco.

TUE, May 22


Kingston and St Andrew


Ra-Shaun, in association with Champagne Tuesdays, presents Barbie Tingz at Troyane's Bar, First Avenue. Admission: Support the bar.

SAT, June 2


Kingston and St Andrew


Sanetta celebrates her birthnight, called Elegant in Black or White, at the Bar,

4 Amin Drive, Kgn 11. Music by Megatron Disco, Billy Slaughter from Stone Love, and Flava from Flava Unit. Admission: Shell di bar.

SAT, June 30


Kingston and St Andrew


Exclusiv Vodka Unruly Ting at Island Breeze Plaza, 255A Spanish Town Road. Music by Ali Patch Mix Explosion, Di Unit, Electronica Sound, and more. Admission: $500, ladies free before 11 p.m.

Fuzzy presents K9 Sound 13th Anniversary at Inna Yard, Golden Spring. Music by Impact Sound, Quality One, Step by Step, and more.

SAT, July 7


St Mary


B'Shore Entertainment, in association with Onair as Puddy, presents Summer Rave 4.0 Birthday Settings Girls in Attendance at Friendship Gap, Castleton. Music by Fire Links Sound, San Hype, DJ Matthew and Spready Glory. Admission: Love and unity.

SUN, July 15


Kingston and St Andrew


Dre Hype, in association with Fi Wi Poker Round Robin, presents Queen inna di Pack at In front Di Bar, Seaview Road, Stony Hill. Featuring the likes of Wicked Steal, ZOSO and Pan di Line. Admission: Gambling.

SAT, August 11


Kingston and St Andrew


Lisa presents her birthday bash, Prayer MNi a Use And Win - the classy Edition, at Black Lion HQ, 7 Shortwood Lane. Music by Black Lion Sound, Harry Hype, Fire Bigs, Pele Hype and Bready Hype.

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