Entertainment Diary - THURSDAY

December 06, 2018
As music pumped through the venue, it was obvious that this woman could not contain her excitement as she partied the night away at Life's Good VVS that was held at the JN Parking Lot in New Kingston recently.

FRI, Dec 7


St Andrew


Abba presents Great Man Always Aguh Get a Fight fish fry and birthday party at Shoppy Car Wash, Stony Hill. Music by K9, Tony Pele Hype, Breddie Hype and Killa Mix. Ticket: $1,200.

SAT, Dec 8



St Elizabeth



Heineken Drink Up and Link Up, in association with Cassie, present End A Year Cook-out at Cassie's Bar, Burton Town, Tryall. Music by DJ Bluma.


Kingston & St Andrew



TopFlyt Entertainment presents TopFlyt Cocaine White edition at Inna Yard HQ, Golden Spring. Music by Blue Steel International, Chiney K, DJ Shawn and Chino Man. Hosted by Lippo.

FRI, Dec 14



St Thomas



Duckenfield Massive Fest at Lime Skin Bump, Duckenfield. Featuring Turbulence, Gully Bop, Merciless, and more.


Kingston & St Andrew



Magnum Explosion at Melbourne Cricket Club. Gates open 8 p.m. Admission: $1,000 pre-sold, $1,500 at the gate.

SAT, Dec 15





Trelawny Fiesta at Power Rangers Lawn, Deeside. Featuring Bounty Killer, Iyara, KQueens, and more. Music by Renz International and Bass Odyssey. Admission: $1,000 before midnight, $1,500 after (VIP $2,500).

SUN, Dec 16





Bottles, Bikes, Babes 5.0 at Wet and Wild, Rock main road, Falmouth. Music by DJ Kentucky, DJ Jubba, YM Ent, Screaming Target and Xclusive Sound. Admission: $1,000 before 4 p.m., $1,500 after.


Kingston & St Andrew


Sexy Shelly presents Season to Be Jolly Part 15, Touch a Red Edition, at Shop 9, Princeville Plaza, 95 Constant Spring Road. Music by Black Prince, Bad Bwoy Cha Cha, DJ Ray DJ Insane, DJ React, Tom and Ravers. Video by Video Bounce.

SAT, Dec 25


St Elizabeth


Shan presents 4th Annual Christmas Bingo party at Immaculate Dining and Chill Spot, Cheapside. Grand prize $150,000. Music by DJ Willo. Bingo starts at 7 p.m. Ticket $500.


Kingston & St Andrew


Flassing and Endorsing Chapter 13 Bow Tie and Gown edition at The Island Cavaliers. Music By: Exxtacy, Agarth, Bishop Escobar, DJ Mario and Richiedamc. Admission: $300 and $500 couple.

SAT, Dec 29


St Catherine


Krazy money from London presents Flass with Class at Food Centre Complex, Gordon Pen, Spanish Town. Music by: Team Wire, Fire Links Sound, Sound Madness and Bishop Escobar. 6 p.m.-1 a.m.


St Elizabeth



Sexy Nisha as Chin, in association with Wray & Nephew, presents Meet The Rum Spirit at Boozers Paradise, Gazeland main road. Music by: Eagle Killa and Jerry Kruga.





Shello, Cassa, Corey and Kerry Birthday Link Up at Wile Lyfe Bar and Grill, Chyrell's Place, Sanguinetti. Music by: Tracey Mobile, DJ Dane Hype, DJ Cykesand Tyrone. Guest artiste: Nklyne Wilelyfe, Checkas and Unklesam.

SAT, Jan 12





St Catherine


Chin Chilla and 13 Gang present White Cups Street Dance at 32 Dumbarton Avenue. Music by: Wul13GangYere, DJ Slap Weh, Hotta Rice and ZJ Milo. Admission: Free.

SAT, Jan 26



St Mary


Hello Badmind 7th Anniversary, Snowing In January, at the Castleton Community Centre. Music by: Gold Rush international, Foody Blacks, Twin Addis Sound and Phenzic and Baba. Best-dressed female US$200.

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