Entertainment Diary - THURSDAY

December 27, 2018
Shauna Chyn turning heads during her performance at Shocking Vibes' Gettho Splash stage show held at the Waterhouse Mini Stadium, in Drewsland, St Andrew, on Tuesday, December 18.




Kingston and St Andrew



Kabaka Pyramid Live at Barbican Beach, 13 East King's House Road. Featuring Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Kelissa and others. Adm: $1,500 pre-sold, $2,000 at the gate.

Dance of the Year- Tribute to Legends of Dancehall at House of Dancehall, 6 Cargill Avenue. Performance by Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Admiral Bailey, Likklebriggie. Admission: $500 before midnight, $1,000 after.

Magnum Girls Night Out at the Container Hotspot, 116 Duke Street. Music by DJ Trxction & DJ Banka. Hosted By Boasy Boy Floyd.

SAT, Dec 29



Kingston and St Andrew



Third World & family 45 years 'Committed' is a benefit concert for the Lasco Reap Initiative & the Alligator Head Foundation. It takes place at Liguanea Club Golf Academy, New Kingston. Admission: Pre-sold: $5,000, gate: $7,000

Strictly 2K - Best of the 2000s Class Party at Mas Camp. Music by ZJ Chrome, ZJ Liquid, ZJ Johnny Kool, Coppershot Sound & Chaddy G! Admisson: $2,500 pre-sold, $3,500 at the gate. Free drinks all night. Dress code: Uniform


ST Catherine



Backyard, the best of the '80s '90s Music and More, at Kaluga Kafe, 18 West Street, Old Harbour. Live performance by Romain Virgo, Terry Linen, Frisco Kid. Loyal Flames.

Krazy Money from London presents Flass with Class at Food Centre Complex, Gordon Pen, Spanish Town. Music by Team Wire, Fire Links Sound, Sound Madness and Bishop Escobar. From 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Stone Love celebrates 46 years at its annual anniversary at Sabina Park. Music by the Stone Love Sound, BoomBoom, Escobar, Digital Chris, DJ Cha Cha, Alanzo Hawk, Welton Irie, Canada's Allan Lado, and more. The event is hosted by Capleton & Bounty Killa. Admission: $1,000; $2,500 VIP.


St Elizabeth



Sexy Nisha as Chin, in association with Wray & Nephew, presents Meet The Rum Spirit at Boozers Paradise, Gazeland main road. Music by Eagle Killer and Jerry Kruga.





Shello, Cassa, Corey and Kerry Birthday Link-Up at Wile Lyfe Bar and Grill, Chyrell's Place, Sanguinetti. Music by Tracey Mobile, DJ Dane Hype, DJ Cykesand Tyrone. Guest artistes: Nklyne Wilelyfe, Checkas and Unklesam.

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