April 26, 2019
This hottie stood out at Flawless Victory, the Gold and Black Edition, at Global HQ in Harbour View, St Andrew, last Saturday.

FRI, April 26

Kingston & St Andrew


Oh Canada, Fashion Nightout Edition on the Boat Docks at 3B Port Royal Street. Admission: $1,000 early bird until March 1, $1,500 presold, $2,000 at the gate.


Steffy Infantry presents a night called None A Dem Nuh Deh Pan Mi Level at Red Cup HQ, Waterhouse Football Field. Special performances by Beenie Man and Chronic Law. Music by DJ Banka, Ikel Marvlus and CD Fantasy.


St Catherine


Kelly Upsetter presents Kelly Seh Brunch Taste Di Excitement at Ken’s Wildflower, Port Henderson, Portmore, from 10 a.m. Music by Boom Boom, DJ Ruxie, DI Unit, Star Time and Bumpy Cash. Tickets cost $1,500, $2,000 and $2,500.


St Mary


Clean Team Promotions presents Face of Elegance (F.O.E.) at Buccaneers Jerk Centre, Port Maria, featuring a live performance by Jada Kingdom. Admission: $1,000 general, $2,000 VIP.


St James


Colony 89 Production presents Tobago Love Soca Outside, Dancehall Inside at The Brewery, Jimmy Cliff Boulevard, Montego Bay from 10 p.m. Music by DJ Tippy, Alley Z, Run Road Ent, MIxx Doc and DJ Flame. Admission: $1,500.


SAT, April 27


Kingston & St Andrew


Cheap Mondayz Family presents Touch of Blue 13th Anniversary The ‘80s and ‘90s Retro Edition at Weddy Weddy Headquarters, 41 Burlington Avenue, Kingston 10. Music by Stone Love, Black Prince Sound and Krazy Kris. Admission: Free before 12 a.m., $500 after.


Beach O Rama in the Park at Sabina Park, 24 South Camp Road, from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. Music by Team Shella, Coppershot, DJ Hattaklaps and DJ Rolexx. Early-bird tickets available at $1,500.


SUN, April 28


Kingston & St Andrew


Beach Flexx at Little Copa Beach, 8 Miles Bull Bay. Music by Little Ritchie, Garrie Freestyle, Javvy Supreme and Ravers Movement.


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