Entertainment Diary - Monday

June 17, 2019
Mellisa Tate turned heads when she attended Roll Out, held at Hope Zoo, St Andrew, recently.

TUES, June 18


Kingston & St Andrew


Apple Estate Full Moon Monthly Series at Chillin’ Serengeti from 9 p.m. until. Music by DJ Smoke and Selecta Shane. Admission: $1,500 ladies and $2,500 men.


THURS, June 20


Kingston & St Andrew


Munga Box A Money presents a round robin called If You Don’t Make Money, You Don’t Make Sense at Shoppy’s Car Wash, Stony Hill. Music by Stainless Supreme, San Hype, DJ Lippo, Pele Hype and DJ Matthew.

FRI, June 21


Kingston & St Andrew


DaniiBoo presents a pool party called Drip Drip: The Sexy Wet Rave at the Olympia Crown Hotel Poolside, 53 Molynes Road. Music by Supreme Sound, Supa Hype, Game Changers, Mixplosion, Hotta Rice and Little Richie. Admission: $500 pre-sold, $1,000 at the gate.


Peta Gay and Nami, in association with Trends Wednesday Round Robin, present Weh Dem Ago Seh Bout We Now at 4 Cassava Piece. Music by Fire Biggz. Admission: Buy out the bar.


St Catherine


Fire Up The Grill: Plates and Bottles Edition at Rich Forever Headquarters. Music by Bumpy Cash. Tickets on sale for $1,500, $2,000 and $2,500.


St Mary


DJ Massive Memorial: Smiling in Heaven at Gibbs Hill. Music by Twin Addis, DJ Ziggy and DJ Matthew.




Chilling Fridays: Exposed at West Palm Green Lounge, Barka Back, New Green, Mandeville. Music by Pepper Squad Sound and DJ Y Pree.


SAT, June 22


Kingston & St Andrew


Harba Chill ‘Igloo Festival and Yacht Party at the Grand Port Royal Hotel from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Music by Bishop Escobar, DJ Go Getta, Trippple X, DJ Hattaklaps, DJ Pityless, DJ Nicco and Kareem Brit Jam. Admission: $2,000 pre-sold, $3,000 at the gate, and $10,000 special entry fee to both Igloo and Yacht events.


Unruly Squid presents Round Di Road at the St Lucia Car Park. Music by Chromatic Live, X-Factor and Bishop Escobar. Admission: $2,000 pre-sold $3,000 at the gate.


Bubble: Gyal Tunes All Night with music by Laing D, DJ Cruise and DJ Tyler. Admission: $1,000 ladies, $2,000 gents pre-sold, and $2,500 at the gate.


St Ann


Illusion Anniversary at Dunn’s River Fall and Park, Ocho Rios, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Music by ZJ Chrome, Bishop Escobar and Illusion Sound.


SUN, June 23


Kingston & St Andrew


Campari Hotspot Sunday Brunch: The Shades Edition at Container Hotspot, 116 Duke Street, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Music by Road Karma, Team Shella and Fire Links. Admission: $1,500 general pre-sold, $2,500 VIP pre-sold, $2,500 general gate entry, $3,500 VIP gate entry.


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