Predictions| Removing ghosts from the haunted house!


October 15, 2015

This story is about a haunted house in the parish of Manchester which people claim was haunted for over 25 years, where family members started dying slowly but surely from accidents and other ailments including strokes.

The surviving members all lost their jobs and just could not find new work. All this time their bills were piling up with the cost, the burials and every day living expenses. Luckily they had families overseas who helped with their expenses. They heard about me from a family member overseas who asked them to contact me. I arranged to meet with family members from overseas and six from Jamaica and I went with them to clear the house (get rid of ghosts). With the help of God Almighty it only took me two hours to clear the house and break the spell that was affecting the family. I then blessed them all and gave some advice about things to do to get them back on the road to prosperity. Now everyone is happy again.

Life is a great teacher and for those who are willing learn from their disappointments, the rewards can be fulfilling. Such is the case of this young man who was kicked out on the streets by his wife and in-laws. After many failed attempts to amend the relationship he ended up sleeping in a kitchen, a situation which forced him to seek my help.

His was a story of much long-suffering and hardship and after listening carefully and asking the right questions, I gave him a prosperity seal. I wrote it up, blessed it and give him it in a little package and told him to put it in his wallet. Three weeks later he came back and said his wallet was lost. I then asked him what was in the wallet. He said his TRN, ID card and the seal. I told him to report the matter to the police and not to worry. I recall his visit vividly. It was a Saturday and two days later, (Monday) he came back and said he had found the wallet. Everything was inside except for the seal. I then told him not to worry because everything was going to be okay. I convinced him that his entire life situation would change for better in terms of finance, relationships and job situation. Today he is gainfully employed, has been for the past four years. In addition making up and enjoying a good, steady relationship with his wife, he is loved by all, including his in-laws for whom he is the main bread winner.

To my humble readers, fans and associates, what gives me strength is my belief in the Almighty and the way he has helped me to help others. As a compassionate person, I don't like sufferation so when I help others (to get a job or in whichever way), they get to ensure a future for their families and they become self reliant. One of my greatest compassion is when I get the chance to bless up a pregnant mother. It is like seeing the future from the dark side. I also have a passionate love for animals, birds and other pets.

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