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October 15, 2015
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Damion Crawford

Hey there, welcome back to Real Talk. Last week we gave you part one of our interview with Damion Crawford. So, here's part two.

Renee: You are always on Twitter taking jabs at Andrew Holness. What is your issue with him?

Damion: I love to tease Andrew. Politics is leader centric. Ninety per cent of the votes that anybody gets is for the leader of the party. So I've always felt it is a good political strategy to belittle their leader so that nobody votes for him, and then it became a hobby because he doesn't like it.

Renee: Who are you friends with in the JLP?

Damion: Daryl Vaz is a very good friend of mine. I actually 'killed' him in the STAR clash (laughs). The dubs that I had were too great for him. Floyd Green and I are very good friends, we were on the guild together. A lot of them and I are friends. That is why I say to people, those who get politics car, nah fight politics war. I got a politics van, Daryl got a politics van and we a eat lunch together.

Renee: How many children do you want?

Damion: Me want as much as born and as much as me can afford.

Renee: Do you believe in the use of contraceptives?

Damion: Yeah, man. If I don't believe in the use of contraceptives, then I believe in carrying a child into an unfortunate situation. I do not believe in carrying a child into an unfortunate situation, whether social, economic or otherwise. I believe in family planning too.

Renee: Are you Rastafarian?

Damion: No, my father used to tell me that he used to have to trim in the 70s to get a work, and when he died I did it in honour of him. I grew my hair because he had to trim.

Renee: Which artistes are you listening to now?

Damion: All of them you know? Bounty was always my favourite because he reflects what I am. He always talks his mind. Assassin, I think is very lyrical, I listen Popcaan as well. Kartel, everybody rate Kartel. His lyrics are very poetic as far as I'm concerned. It's like doing literature. I listen everybody, Tarrus same way.

That's all for this week folks. Please remember to check out the full interview on the STAR's website or YouTube channel. Until next week, keep it real!

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