Man demands compensation for injuries


October 16, 2015

A man injured in a motor vehicle accident, in 2008, said he is having a difficult time getting money he was awarded by the court.

He said he was standing on the sidewalk when the driver of a a minibus lost control of the vehicle, hitting him. He said his right ankle was broken and suffered injuries to his hand when he fell.

A civil suit was filed against the owner of the bus and the driver. In 2013 he was granted more than $800,000 in damages.

"I am still to get a cent from that money because every time I call my lawyer, or go to his office, I am told the money has not been paid over, " he explained.

"Last month one of my friends said perhaps the matter was being appealed why I cannot get my money. I asked my lawyer if there was an appeal. He said no. I became so frustrated with the matter, I called the driver of the minibus. The bus belonged to a company. The driver was still working with the company.

"The driver told me he would ask his boss if any money was paid out to my lawyer. He told me his boss said his lawyer had paid over a cheque to my lawyer. I asked my lawyer about it. He said that was not true.

"I really did not know who to believe. My sister said I should ask the driver to get a copy of the cheque for me. I called and made the request for a copy of the cheque. He told me his boss said he could not believe I was not compensated.

"The driver telephoned me, saying I should come to his workplace. When I went, he gave me a photocopy of a cheque sent to my lawyer from last year. I called my lawyer and asked if he heard nothing about the money. He said he was still waiting because those things took time.

I am in a state of confusion because I cannot really understand what is happening. I spoke to a policeman about the situation. He advised me I should show my lawyer the copy of the cheque, let him know I am aware he got the money.

"I feel very nervous to do so, but my sister said I should show him the copy of the cheque, let the lawyer pay me my money. The policeman had suggested I could report the matter to the police, but I really do not want to get involved in any criminal proceedings," he said.

If your lawyer refuses to pay the money, you can report him to the General Legal Council (GLC), which will conduct a hearing in the matter. The GLC will make a finding in the matter and, if the money was paid over to the lawyer, the GLC will order him to pay. The GLC can also institute punishment against him.

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