My Confession: I am a professional cheater


October 16, 2015

When I was in my teens I used to have quite a few girls, but one of them used to come by my house regular. On my 18th birthday, she threw a surprise birthday party at my house. It was great and I enjoyed myself.

She slept at my house that night, but me neva get fi 'knock' it because she was on her period. Me did vex you see because it was my birthday, so I was looking forward to it.

Anyways, inna the middle a mi sleep mi hear somebody a call mi name, but I thought I was dreaming. When mi wake up good, and really listen, mi rahtid! A mi next gyal outside a call mi. A hospital mi nearly end up to how mi frighten.

That girl was a likkle schoolas in fifth form that I was talking to. She used to come link me early in the morning, before school, like around 5:30 a.m.

That time, the other girl was still sleeping, so mi take mi time slide outta the bed and go on the veranda go look if the other one gone, but she was sitting down at the gate!

Dem time deh me heart start beat fast because mi remember that the other girl tell mi say she ago pay man fi kill mi if she find out that mi a cheat pan her, and I believed her.

Little bit after, mi hear the schoolas start call out mi name again. Mi affi crawl pan me belly, like soldier inna war, go to me neighbour to ask her to help mi out.

When mi tell her the situation she laugh afta mi, but then she go outta gate go tell the schoolas seh mi nuh deh home. Mi hear when the schoolas tell her that's a lie because she see mi inna the house. Mi neighbour had to tell her it was her man in the house. Eventualy, she bought the lie and left.

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