God made me heal a crippled woman

October 17, 2015
George Henry Pastor Lorna Copeland-Blake


NAME: Dr Lona Copeland-Blake

CHURCH YOU ATTEND: End Time Pentecostal, with branches in London, Connecticut and Mandeville Jamaica.

POSITION IN THE CHURCH: Senior pastor and founder.

HOW LONG SINCE BEING SAVED: I have been saved for over twenty five years.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR MOMENT OF CONVICTION: I wrote a book which became a best seller; it is called 'Wings with which to fly'. It explains my conviction very well. I was very sick; and no doctor could find the cure to my condition. I was sent to many specialists who were unaware as to what to diagnose. In my desperation I turned to the church. I was losing my mind as well. When I turned to the church pastors began praying for me; those were the old pastors and the old mothers of the church. They prayed for me, and after they prayed I was led to Jesus. I accepted Jesus Christ in my district at Coffee Piece in Clarendon. One night I was laying down in my sister's bed in England and was going through the valley of the shadow of death. I told the Lord that if He gives me a second chance I would serve Him until I die; and that was where it all began.

MOST CHALLENGING MOMENT SINCE BEING SAVED: My most challenging moment since being saved has to do with me being anointed by God to heal the sick. God has used me all over the world to anoint blind eyes and deaf ears; and persons have been able to see and hear respectively. However the challenge is for me to get people to understand that miracles do take place; because some associate miracles with something else. I have it difficult getting people to understand that when you walk with God, when you live with Him, when you have a relationship with Him, you will hear from Him and He will use you.

MOST MIRACULOUS MOMENT SINCE BEING SAVED: I was in church in England and a crippled girl came there. She was so crippled, and her fingers were crippled too. Her hands were twisted and she was in a wheelchair and was also unable to talk. She had gone to many churches for healing and could not get any. I prayed for her and she went home in the wheelchair; but I knew she was healed. They took her back to the next meeting and she jumped out of the chair and walked and spoke. She told me that the day when I prayed for her she got instant healing.

MESSAGE TO CHRISTIANS: There is something that is missing from the pulpit and from the church. God is looking for His Elijahs, His Elishas and His Isaiahs. He is looking for mouth pieces that can speak to dry bones. Why has God stopped using people to speak to dry bones, to do miracles, heal the sick and to raise the dead? Something is missing, and we need to have a closer walk with God. I think prayer is missing. I think the true sense of righteousness and being in right standing with God is gone from the pulpit. I believe that we have a false sense of righteousness now, and we are so far away from God. God is calling back true Christians close to Him. Re-examine your Christian walk because Jesus is coming soon.

MESSAGE TO NON CHRISTIANS: God can use anybody; and He is looking for a new generation. There is a paradigm shift in the realm of the spirit; and God is looking for new voices that are untainted. Voices, souls and spirits that have not been messed up by a false sense of righteousness. Pure souls that are innocent. God is looking for a new generation that He can use in this season. If you have not met Jesus as yet, He is coming back very soon; and He is looking for a new people who can hear His voice and who He can use in this new season. He is calling you. Why don't you come to Him now?


YOUR FAVOURITE SONG: 'If you can use anything Lord, you can use me'.

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