Collo Collo, the Bounty Killer of dancing

October 30, 2015
File Collo Collo
File Collo Collo

Popular dancer Wayne 'Collo Collo' Stewart has said he is the 'Bounty Killer of dancing'.

The dancer, who was

discovered by the legendary Bogle, said he has helped to groom more than 30 dancers including Chi Ching Ching.

He told Dancers Paradise it is always good to

develop new talent.

"I have developed more than 30-plus youth in the business, and they are travelling worldwide to teach dancing. Its like what Bounty Killer duh fi music and buss youths. Mi know that helping youth is a good thing because Chi Ching Ching is helping out my career right now because he remembers from the days when he used to roll out the carpet in the dancehall," he said.

Collo Collo said he was motivated to help others based on the help he received from Bogle during his formative years.

"As a youth, mi born in inna Trench Town and used to love dance everyday. They called me 'Star Boy from then, so it was like I was born to become a dancer. I was inspired by Bogle, who grew up in a community close to mine. Bogle started to par with Willy Horgart dem, and buss wey and I admired that so I decided that, as a youth from the ghetto, am gonna buss weh too," he revealed.

The dancer explained his transition from Star Boy to Collo Collo.

"Bogle went overseas, when he came back we had a chat and him sey, Star Boy mi rate how yu a deal wid yu thing but mi a guh start call yu Collo Collo because you are a man who always wear one whol heap a colour pon yu clothes, it don't even have to match.' So from dat day mi name Collo Collo and mi career tek off."

Collo Collo is credited for dance moves such as Stookie, Ruum Ram and Reggae Ram Jam. He will promote a new dance move, List, the accompanying instruction song will feature Chi Ching Ching.

The veteran also teaches his own dance classes.

"Dancing is on a good level now, and I teach my classes at Dance Ja on a Monday. I also have some overseas appearances to make. Most time I get bookings because of the popularity of the Ruum Ram move because a dat di people dem love," he said.

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