Farmer, god-daughter happy for free DNA test

October 30, 2015

The shroud of uncertainty surrounding the paternity of a three-year-old boy is almost over. The prospective father, 43-year-old Jason Parram* and the child's mother, Sasha Martin*, 18, were nothing short of ecstatic upon learning that they are the winner's of THE STAR's paternity feature for the month of September.

The feature, 'Farmer wants god-daughter's child to be his', was published on October 8.

The prospective father, who is also Martin's godfather, could hardly believe his fortune.

"Thank you very much, very much! Right now mi just a come from work and me a say mi did a go get a credit fi find out what happen! Mi appreciate it," Parram said.

Parram was happy to report that he has since made up with the child's mother, who he said had a change of heart. The two have reconciled and are hoping for the best as they look towards the future, hoping to raise the child together.

"Right now a me have him, she carry him come give me. If a even every two or three day, a me send him go a school and me do everything for him," Parram explained.

The child's mother was just as elated.

"Oh my word, I couldn't wait!" she began. "I'm glad to know, I'm feeling surprised. Mi excited, but mi nuh really a show it. I'm very speechless of course. Mi can't believe!"

In direct contrast to her sentiments in her initial interview with THE STAR, Martin is now looking forward to forging a civil relationship with Parram.

"Things have not been too bad. We are getting on fine. He has the baby now and then. Right now the baby is by him. We still want to know the truth!"

The second time appears to be the charm for Parram, who admits that he has explored THE STAR's Paternity Puzzle feature on a previous occasion with another woman whom he was involved with. He was, however, unsuccessful on that occasion and was not able to garner a successful paternity test.

For now, the pair anxiously waits.

*Names changed

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