Meet the CB PAN-X finalists

October 30, 2015
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With two regional eliminations completed, the island's best pan chicken chefs are now preparing for the biggest showdown of their career. But only one person will leave the grand final - hosted by CB Foods - tomorrow with more than $1m in cash and prizes plus the coveted title, CB PAN-X Champion.

Pauline Campbell, 55
St Catherine Parish champion
Where you can sample her pan chicken: Old Harbour Road, Spanish Town
Pauline was reluctant to enter CB's PAN-X competition, but is determined to win and already knows how she will spend the purse. "The money will catapult me into my catering business. Not if, when."

Clifton Wright, 55
St Elizabeth runner-up
Where you can sample his pan chicken: CB PAN-X Grand Final
Clifton has made a career out of the food business with stints in construction and farming. Before his current mobile business he operated a restaurant which provided for his daughter's university tuition and son's training to the HEART Trust/NTA. But overheads were a killer. Clifton closed and bought a car. "It cheaper, I just buy a little gas."

Jermaine Hayes, 40
Trelawny Parish champion
Where you can sample his pan chicken: Deeside, Trelawny
Having won the Trelawny Parish title, Jermaine is now planning to open a jerk centre alongside his cook shop, taking advantage of the publicity and popularity he gained from the event. He is putting his best foot forward, going with the intention to win.

John Morgan, 63
St Catherine runner-up
Where you can sample his pan chicken: Williams Lane, Off Old Harbour Road.
Though he operates a cook shop, John rarely does pan chicken. But after assisting a friend at CB's pan chicken competition, he realised the event was an opportunity of a lifetime, so he entered. " have a swell head. If I stand a chance of winning in the process, I will be taking jerking very serious."

Durbin Stephens, 31
Westmoreland Parish winner
Where you can sample his pan chicken: Darliston Square, Westmoreland
Along with the parish title, Durbin also won first place in the Grace Tomato Ketchup 'Ketch di Taste' sauce competition. Having only been in business for himself two years, he says winning the Grand Final would allow him to expand and further other ideas he's working on.

Marva Wright, 42
St Ann runner-up
Where you can sample her pan chicken: CB PAN-X grand final
For Marva CB PAN-X is the right decision for persons who need a big push to start or further their pan chicken business. Marva has a lot riding on this Grand Final. "I've seasoned my chicken already, my plan is to go and perform to the best of my ability."

Cordel Gordon, 32
Hanover runner-up
Where you can sample his pan chicken: Lucea, Hanover
Cordel is a risk taker. The plumber who does fish and drinks at events one day decided to sell pan chicken at a SDC Cricket Match. Here he was encouraged to enter CB's pan chicken competition and he jumped at the opportunity. Now he's confidently heading to the Grand Final. "Anytime I do something I put my best in it, so I must win."

Damion Bailey, 29
St Ann Parish winner
Where you can sample his pan chicken: Windsor Heights, St Ann
When Damion entered CB's pan chicken competition in 2013 he was unprepared, shy and holding back. This year, he plans to win. Inspired by his friends and family, and propelled by renewed confidence in his own skills, Damion has declared, "I know I can do it".

Cheddian McKenzie, 30
Trelawny runner-up
Where you can sample his pan chicken: CB PAN-X grand final
Cheddian entered CB's PAN-X because of his exceptional cooking talent. Now, he is being schooled. "I learn a lot and speaking with the chef in Kingston brought new ideas. I thought jerk chicken was just jerk chicken with a sauce, ketchup and pepper. But there are a lot of other things you can do."

Tyrone Bailey, 20
Manchester Parish winner
Where you can sample his pan chicken: Manchester Road, Mandeville
Tyrone hasn't had an easy life, but having won the Manchester parish title he is motivated to go forward. The youngest finalist says he dropped out of high school at 17 when his mother died leaving him to care for his siblings. "I'm hoping I win cause it would help me out a lot. Even if I don't win I'd be glad. I'm proud of myself that I made it to the final."

Naomi Martin, 40
St James runner-up
Where you can sample her pan chicken: Irwin Heights, St James
Naomi entered the competition because she believed that CB's PAN-X would help to develop her culinary skills and business. Her plan is to try something totally unique. "You have to be creative and set yourself apart. You have to go with something different"

Brett Sinclair, 42
St Elizabeth Parish Winner
Where you can sample his pan chicken: Junction, St Elizabeth
Whether or not Brett wins, he'll be opening his jerk centre in Santa Cruz. He just needs to find the right location. Already the competition has brought him much exposure and new customers. Winning the final would simply sweeten the deal. "Sure I can the help of God He will carry me through."

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