Fass and Curious: Movie theatre happenings

November 02, 2015


Howdie, my peeps! What's good? Going to the cinema isn't always a thing to do on my list, but I am always reminded how fun it is to actually be there when I go.

Besides the huge screen and surround sound to give you the real theatre experience, the audience usually makes it more fun than watching a $150 bootleg movie in your living room. Let's not even talk about the hot dogs and popcorn and whatever else you can buy.

Sometimes di movie lame and you do feel like you could have watched it at home. A lie mi a tell?

And is not like one time when $1,000 could bring you to go watch a movie and still buy you something to chew on. No matter the expense though, people still relish the experience of the cinema.

The movie I wanted to see on Tuesday was sold out. Well, it was 2-for-1 so that was expected.

When that happens, naturally, you can either buy the late show, or wait until next week and hope it's still showing. I went with a group of five so we were contemplating to either return home or just pay the $1,200 per ticket.

That means $6,000 just to watch one movie. That's a damn shame. That would have supplied us with bootlegs for a year! But, of course, that would be illegal. Tickets were bought - The Perfect Guy here we come!

Anyways, we inna di movie a watch the show good, good and as usual, you have somebody beside you that you know everything they thinking cause they won't shut up, at all! It can be annoying but with the right things being said because of naivety, it can be hilarious!

"Wah she a do dat fah?"


"Mi nuh trust him!"

"Him eye dem too pretty!"

"Lawd God!"

"Mi nuh like him. Mi like di edda guy!"

"She naah no sense. She just need fi listen to him!"

"Dats why some woman get sheg, cause one likkle mistake and dem give up pon di man!"

If you have seen The Perfect Guy you would be able to make sense of the stuff she was saying. I had my own two cents, but they weren't loud outbursts; except for that part where Morris Chesnut was doing push-ups and they did a close up shot. Man, all the ladies in the theatre made little screams like we were high school girls seeing cute boys for the first time.

Hell, I even stretched my hands out as if I was touching his ripped body. The sound that left my lips told everyone how I felt at that moment. That had some people around me bursting in laughter. I didn't care. Damn, the man fine!

It was intermission and there was an uproar as no one seemed to care about bathroom breaks or spending anymore money.

The film had us like a dog to a bone. It was that good. If that wasn't bad enough, when the movie resumed, it was chaos.

1. The lights were still on;

2. The music was still playing

3. The worse one; they were showing the movie with no words!

If one thing I know for sure, Jamaicans are bandawagonists. We love follow and I was about to prove that. I started clapping then little by little everyone joined in. I had them! Then I took it up a notch: "Protest! Protest!" I shouted. Protest, yup they were shouting that, too. Lmao! Sigh! Told yah!

The movie came back on finally and it was accompanied by bursts of applause and squeals. I was like, "Yea, light come back!" That had them laughing again, cause if you are a Jamaican, you can relate to that and that line very well.

Anyway, walk good, my people! Life is short! Continue to keep in touch with yours truly


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