#STARTop5Today: Feisty politicians

November 13, 2015

As Jamaica prepares for an impending election, Jamaican politicians are becoming more vocal and visible. Politics is now a battlefield where verbal wars are fought daily.

After every battle there are always casualties and those who remain etched in our minds because of their lethal tongues and feistiness. 

Being the STAR, we had to put the top 5 feisty politicians on record-in order of feistiness.

1. Everald Warmington: There's no doubt that he's number one. His most recent rant saw him hitting the camera of a Gleaner intern who attempted to snap a photo of him in public space. Soon after that a viral photo showed him accidentally presenting a middle finger to the cameras of the media. We were going to tell you how he blasted a popular female reporter some time back but we'll leave it here. We know you have his rants on record.

2. Dayton Campbell: Well he's in a close second, with two more rants he may just overthrow Warmington. He definitely has a thing for beauty queens. Remember his comment about the Miss Jamaica World contestant, who he claimed "shape like the Jamaican economy"? Or perhaps you'll remember his recent run-in with Lisa Hanna who he told, "Dis a PNP, dis a nuh Miss World".


3. Raymond Pryce: When Pryce drops a verbal bomb, no one is spared, not even his fellow battalion members. One thing's for sure, he is frank and is very polite in serving the 'disses'. You will recall how he told Jamaica that the PNP used the young candidates to win the last general election. His constituency office was recently burnt and Pryce's comment was, "This is nothing but badmind, plain ole Jamaican badmind."

4. Daryl Vaz: He had to make the list. Currently, Vaz says he won't return to parliament until the Prime Minister censures Fenton Ferguson (express formal disapproval of his actions). Who can forget the recent fire at the Riverton Dump which caused Vaz to wear a dust mask to Parliament? He was later chastised and told to remove it.

5. K.D. Knight: Rounding off our top 5 is long standing politician and attorney, KD Knight. The verbal arsenal he unleashed in the 2011 Manatt, Phelps and Phillips Enquiry has given him a spot on our list. For a while after that, the term "pathologically mendacious" became a national slang.

Do you agree with this list? Who would you add?



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