Woman wants a divorce after husband leaves


November 13, 2015

It has been sleepless nights for a 42-year-old nurse since her husband left the matrimonial home in June. She said she cannot understand why he left her because she saw no signs that he was unhappy in the marriage. According to the wife, he has refused to answer her phone calls. She does not know where he is living.

Family members and friends have refused to tell her where he is living.

"I would really like to know the reason he left me," she said.

"I went home from work on June 6, this year, and noticed my husband had removed all his personal items from the home. I called his cellphone, almost daily, but he does not answer. We were on very good terms up to the time he left, I cannot believe he would have left without giving me a reason.

"My husband does not have a steady job. He is self- employed and works on different construction sites. I asked his relatives if they knew the reason he left me, but they said they did not know. They said they, too, were surprised when he told them he had ended the marriage.

"We were married for four years. We have no children. He had always expressed the view that he wanted children. I am a year older and have always told him if I could not get pregnant we could consider adopting a child. He said he loved me and was willing for us to adopt a child.

"Although I still love my husband, I think he is a traitor because he could, at least, have told me he was leaving. I am really angry with him. I just want to know why he left.

"Some of his relatives said they believe he might come back to me. Last month when I reviewed the situation, I came to the conclusion that I really could not trust him again. I think it is time for me to move on and file for a divorce. The same way he left without telling me, if he should return, he could move out again without telling me," she said.

Although you are willing to divorce your husband, you will have to wait for a year after the separation to file for divorce. Section 5 of the Matrimonial Causes Act states that a petition for a decree of dissolution of marriage will only be granted if the court is satisfied that the parties separated and thereafter lived separately and apart for a continuous period of no less than 12 months preceding the filing of the petition for divorce.

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