Predictions: Healing a child of epilepsy

November 19, 2015

Three persons came to me with a little boy who was troubled with epilepsy (fits) - a disorder of the nervous system that makes a person lose consciousness.

I prayed for the little boy and anointed him and I said to his mother that when he was a baby, he fell and hurt his head. She said yes. I told her to take him to a doctor and gave her some medicine for him.

About two weeks after, she called and said "thanks Mr Joe, my son doesn't have the fits anymore", the medicine helped that boy.

When this woman from Linstead, St Catherine visited, it took five men to carry her from the vehicle to my office.

Weighing more than 300 pounds, she was afflicted by swelling from her waist to her toes. She told me that after visiting several doctors, their final conclusion was to have both feet amputated, after which she visited several spiritual places in search of help. She said it was a waste of cash until she read about me in the Star newspaper. With faith in her own self and in the Almighty, she decided to visit. Her husband was one of the five men carrying her in a chair. Her body was swollen and distorted and it seemed she would literally burst at any time. Paralysed by pain, she was crying uncontrollably. She could not come through the office door because of her size, so I had to work on the outside. With help from the husband, I anointed her from the waist down, but had to fetch a few additional items from the drugstore. After blessing them up, I gave the couple instructions on how to use the things and they departed.

When the husband visited me the next weekend for another bottle of herbal tonic, he told me she was now standing on her two feet and was in the process of healing.

All of my stories are genuine, so I'm still giving thanks to the Almighty God for giving me the knowledge I have attained from Him. I am privileged to have helped someone. There is a balm in Gilead.

Following the directions of her husband who was a farm worker in Canada, a Christian woman from Trelawny turned up at my office quite early one Saturday morning with a friend.

He had insisted that she visit me, and upon examination, I realised she was a

victim of voodoo. There was a big dark patch on her left foot that was causing it to shrink. My expertise was tested because this was the first time I was seeing this. I had to get a few things from the drugstore to assist me with my spiritual healing. I had to boil a special herbal tonic to purge her blood. After all was said and done, I gave her a big bottle of consecrated olive oil to anoint her feet and in a few days, the black spot started to heal and disappear.

Within a couple of weeks, she and her husband visited me and brought me a gift telling me how thankful they were. I told them to thank the Almighty. Thanks be to the Almighty. with him all things are possible.

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