Star of the Month: Asafa In The Kitchen

November 22, 2015
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer

For many, the sight of the sub-10 king slaving over a hot stove is surreal, but that is exactly what happened when our Star of the month Asafa Powell, invited us into his kitchen to prepare one of his favourite dishes.

Ready to showcase his culinary skills, Powell made the grand announcement of what he would be cooking - eggs with bread.

"Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Not everybody can do this," he said with a smile as he prepped for the meal.

Taking two eggs from the fridge, Asafa decided to make an omelette. As he added black pepper and salt, he walked us through his cooking process.

"Normally when I'm making breakfast, me just add things as I go along, things just come to mi head, so right now mi a go add some sausage to the omelette," he stated.

After adding a bit of oil to the frying pan, Asafa also cautioned against using a lot oil when cooking.

"It will grease up you face and make you face bumpy and mi love smooth face," he said with a laugh.

The sausage was the first thing placed in the frying pan, followed by the eggs. With the aroma of the omelette permeating the air, Asafa told us it would be the best thing we ever tasted.

"The omelette almost done now, so I'm gonna get fancy," he said as he sprinkled cheese on top. "Flip the egg like a 10 cent and roll it like a dolla coin."

By now, the omelette was ready. He placed a napkin in the plate, a move he jokingly stated he learned from watching TV and placed two slices of bread along with the egg on the plate. "Any girl whe taste my hand, dem stay...well, dem want stay," he said with a smile.

His physiotherapist Tweeta, only had high praises for Asafa's culinary skills.

"Me a go open mi gate 7:30 every morning fi all who want breakfast, just come through," Asafa said.

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