No boundaries for Boundary dance

November 27, 2015
Contributed Teknique

Recording artiste Teknique is promoting a new dance single for a new choreography called Boundary.

The dance was created by popular street dancers Shakesphere and Energy and was inspired by iconic West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle.

"The entire Boundary concept emerged from Cricket. The movement of the dancers is identical to a Cricket player. That is why me say Chris Gayle send di bat now Boundary," Teknique told Dancers Paradise.

Teknique, Energy and Shakesphere will be attending several dancehall parties including Weddy Weddy and Uptown Mondays to promote the dance move.

It is no secret that dancehall-based events are once again very competitive markets to promote new dance moves, however Teknique feels the climate is just right.

"Right now dancehall is happy and this is my way of contributing to the genre. I love it, dancehall nice again. Me in a the streets yute so my intention is to incorporate the dancers that represent dancehall every night. You can't say dancing and nah big up certain dancers in you song, Boundary fi dat," he said.

To see previews of the dance move, dance lovers may follow @the_right_teknique on Instagram. The trio will also be releasing videos on social media in an attempt to spread the dance move to a wider audience.

"We are campaigning and promoting to the fullest. Every night me and the team take on the road to get the song heard. That being said, Energy and Shakespeare who originated the dance ago teach the world how to do the Boundary dance move in a new promo video. Then we will cast for the official Boundary music video shoot and continue from there. Its a catchy song, easy to learn, its fun, creative and made to empower people while having fun," he told Dancers Paradise.

Shakesphere will be featured in the upcoming Nick Cannon movie King of The Dancehall.

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