Dancers Paradise:High hopes for Dutty Shake dance

December 04, 2015
File Raytid

Up-and-coming producer, DJ Blaze Worldwide, has produced a new dance record called 'Dutty Shake'.

The single is performed by recording artiste Raytid, and DJ Blaze told Dancers' Paradise that the effort is making its mark on dancheall fans. The producer said he wants his productions to withstand the test of time, and Dutty Shake promises to be that type of dance record.

"Dutty Shake is bringing back the fun and dance to dancehall, the single has all the critical elements of the vibrant music and culture that Jamaicans and the world enjoy," DJ Blaze told Dancers' Paradise.

Inspired by '90s digitalised dancehall, Dutty Shake has already amassed support from mainstream radio. The producer also stated that several dancers have already begun to promote the dance at parties.

"Top dancers, including Sher, Nickeisha, Renee 6:30, and many more, have been instrumental in the success of Dutty Shake in Jamaica. These talented dancers bring the dance every night during popular events.

"Raytid is also doing his groundwork for the single and you know the tune is a hit when the DJ wheels it up multiple times," DJ Blaze Worldwide said.

The song was released under the Fiyah Blaze Productions label and its lyrics pay homage to several influential dancers on the contemporary dance scene. Fiyah Blaze Productions has strong support in the US market and DJ Blaze said he has been working overtime to get the song in regular rotation on US radio stations.

"My long-term vision for Dutty Shake is to create a high level of visibility, which spawns business opportunities as well as positioning of Fiyah Blaze Productions as a well-respected label and brand," he told Dancers' Paradise.

Aside from promoting a new dance move and single, DJ Blaze operates his own sound system, 456 Sound, and he also produces for an overseas radio station.

He is also promoting singles such as Love by Erup featuring Faydra, and Bubble Time by Demarco.

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