Latty capitalises on Hot Up success

December 11, 2015

The Hot Up dance craze is currently one of the most talked about in the dancehall, and has given life to the career of recording artiste Razor B.

However, popular dancer Latoya 'Latty' Mason, who created the dance, is yet to get her break into international market. She hopes 2016 will be the year she transforms her brand into one which is globally accepted.

The dancer told Dancers Paradise that she has been an active dancer for over a decade. She has also teamed up with popular dancer John Bling for several projects.

"I've been dancing over 15 years now. I was very much a part of the Passa Passa dance movement, and right now I am just as active at Weddy Weddy, Hot Mondayz and all the street events," she said.

Latty feels she has done circles around the Jamaican dance scene, and now wants to make a bigger impact on the world.


"I have been on several platforms doing shows with Voicemail, and I want to also highlight that they were the first set of recording artistes to mention my name in a song and bring me on shows all around Jamaica. I have performed in the Caribbean with them as well, and right now I am looking to extend my reach to a next level," she said.

Also known for her Roll Yuh Belly dance move, she says the success of the Hot Up dance is like

nothing she has seen before.

"When I created the dance called Roll Yuh Belly it was popular. But this is like something different for me because everyone around the world is doing my Hot Up Dance. When I see people in other countries doing my dance it brings tears to my eyes just to see how much they love it," she said.

The artiste is gearing up to embark on her first international tour and told Dancers Paradise she is bubbling with excitement.

"I have to give credit to Razor B who saw me doing the dance and created the song. My friends Swag Twins, TC, Chrissy and Chin assisted with the promotion, and since then I've been getting a lot of calls from people who want to see me perform. I am happy for this tour because I am finally getting the chance to spread my work and inspire others while promoting dancehall," she said.

Latty's first stop on tour will see her making appearances in Canada. She will be rubbing shoulders with popular dancers John Bling and Gabbidon.

Collectively, Hot Up has over one million views on

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