Tom Cruise set for Sting debut

December 18, 2015
Don Andre

UK-based dancehall artiste Don AndrE recently released the remix video for his popular dance-inspired single 'Tom Cruise'.

The song now features popular dancers/artistes Ding Dong and Chi Ching Ching, and, according to his publicist, patrons at Sting 2016 will be dancing.

Tom Cruise was influenced by the popular Mission Impossible movie and was first promoted in the UK before its introduction to the Kingston night life.

Released in late November, the music video for Tom Cruise already has close to 50,000 views on

"Ecstatic, overwhelmed, delighted. I don't think that there are enough words to explain the feeling I have towards the response of Tom Cruise. To know it wasn't planned or nothing, 100 per cent spontaneous! The Tom Cruise song and dance move is just the result of some late night antics during a studio session," Don AndrE told Dancers Paradise.

The video was filmed in London and Kingston and features popular dancers Shakesphere, Raddy Rich and Dance JA.

Keona Williams, who acts as publicist for Don AndrE, says the artiste is delivering a balance in dancehall.

"He will be at Sting this year so patrons can look out for a strong debut performance and come out prepared to dance. Don AndrE is like a fresh breed of talent delivering both female and unisex dance moves. Recently, a famous basketball player endorsed one of his songs on Instagram, and that shows that his music is already moving across barriers," she said.

The video for the Tom Cruise song can be viewed on Don Andre's Vevo page on Saturday, December 19, 2015.

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