Fass & Curious: A drunken box!


December 21, 2015

Mi seh, people, I witness something this week that upset me but at the same time it sweet me so til!

You ever get a box from your parents or anyone and you see peenie wally, sun, moon and stars at the same time?! Or your ears ring like school bell?! Well, if you didn't, you are one of the lucky ones, so give thanks 'cause that is not a nice feeling!

In a bar when three men walked in. The oldest man of the bunch was in a merry mood. He said, "drinks on the house, for everyone!" I've never experienced something like this before; only seen it in the movies. There had to be at least 15 people present.

In my thoughts at the moment I was like, damn! this man has to be loaded! must be someone important or something". Turned out he is a multi-millionaire and owns several large stores in some Caribbean countries. Yup, I was right - loaded and important!

Of course, your's truly was playing host and got to hang with him outside. He was drinking a lot and was soon drunk. All was merry 'til this black giant-looking man came through door, swinging. one of the owners of the place asked him to close the door, and by the look he gave, right away everyone picked up a vibe.

It didn't read good, neither did his mug face that looked like someone had pissed him off. He had this mean look and said: "He ain't no boss! Who is he? He ain't nobody!"

In my head, I'm like who is this guy not even realising he was on of the three that came in with "the boss!"

Mug face was like, "Man, let's go!" The boss wasn't ready so he kept on talking to us and the other people. If that wasn't enough, he pushed the man and slapped him hard. At this time everybody turned around. Is what this rich poor likkle ole man do him so??!

Wait, him old but him nuh cold a baxide! He turned around and brought his hand from far right and slapped mug face so hard in the face, him stepped back and stumbled like he was gonna fall over but quickly got up and ready to fight back like is not him lick the man. But him bright to ... that was so disrespectful. Acting like the big man is his child. Omg! I could not believe it but dah box deh doh ... is a solja man box him get enuh!! Lmao!!

After mug face got up like he wanted to defend the box me and my friend jumped in and two other people came to break it up. I tell you sumpn he will never forget that box an old man gave him lmao you should see how he fell back wooooie I could believe. #dahboxdehdoh Shaaaaaat!! It slapweh to rahtid! As mi fren say, "never you take away a drunk man drink," they will hurt you. It's true!

Walk good yah, people! Remember, respect goes where it comes from! Live good!

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