My Confession: I fell for a liar!


December 31, 2015

This happened years ago, but God know, all now me no get ova it! Man wicked bad!

When I had just left college, I got an opportunity to go overseas to do a training programme at a camp. I was hesitant because I just had my baby and went through a terrible break-up with her dad. Nonetheless, I still took up the opportunity.

While in training I met an amazing guy. He was everything I was looking for in a man; a real eye candy, smart, caring, kind, loving, thoughtful, honest. I quickly fell for him and we dated for the entire time we were at the camp.

After the training ended, I came back to Jamaica and he came to visit. I took him all over Jamaica and he met my parents, friends and baby! It seemed like they all loved him more than me. I was so happy to finally meet such a great guy.

When he went back overseas, we started making plans for me to visit him, but as soon as the time got closer for me to visit him at his home, he started moving shady. I couldn't understand what was happening because this behaviour is unlike the amazing man I fell for.

So I messaged a friend I had met at the training camp overseas and asked her to do some checks on his file for me. She told me the man is married and has five-year-old twin boys! Oh my God! I couldn't believe it! But what shocked me is what he did next!

I got his house phone number from my friend and called. When his wife answered I told her everything that was happening and she couldn't believe it either.

When his wife confronted him, he completely convinced her that I was a crazy stalker girl who was at the training camp with him. He even called me back with his wife beside him and cussed me off telling me to stop stalking him and that I will never get him! All now me still can't believe this wicked act. Mi cyaa trust man again.

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