Drama Queen on the loose!


January 04, 2016

"How much fi a US dollas?" A woman asked the lady serving by the outside bar at the Norman Manley International Airport. With the response she received, she exclaimed even louder, "What! But yuh know what a gwan, man. Yuh step up!"

"Gimme two beer! Yuh want a beer?" she asked a man sitting next to her. The man seemed to be on lunch break. The man replied, "Yeah, man. Mi an mi brethren."

I held up my head and looked over because the thought that ran through my head at the moment must have telepathically made its way to her brain as she gave out, "Move! Mi a buy yuh a Heineken, yuh a tell mi bout brethren (Kmt). Damn idiot!" Lol I found it funny because my thoughts exactly.

She was on a roll, "How much fi Heineken? How much fi a beer? How much fi dat miss? $810?! Yuh have $300 (to the man who said no) Man yuh know yuh a trouble!"

Gosh this girl can chat and she mad loud! I wondered how long I had to wait on my pick-up!

She started grinning as she spoke to the same man: "Gwan go change mi money fi mi!" She looked at his ID card dangling from his neck. She made loud mental notes! Yuh short and yuh teeth dem spacey and yuh have a nerd look. Look yah mek mi hold on pon di ID till yuh cum back with di money. Look yah man nuh play wid mi enuh cause mi poor!"The man walked away smiling and shook his head. She borrowed a phone to make a call. Apparently based on the conversation she was pissed that she had to wait. She kept swearing and shouting at the person on the receiving end. Some men gathered around to listen. The way she spoke you just had to laugh. Overly dramatic with her expressions and body gestures. She hung up the phone and spoke as if she was thinking out loud, "A cum tell mi bout him left long time and know him never left St Ann's Bay yet. Kmt. I gwine mash him up when him cum up yah!"

The men around laughed and she did too.

She opened a next chapter how "Bajan men were much different from Jamaican men". How they were nice and just gave her money all the time. She tried to get me involve. I wasn't even on the same flight with the girl and I never even went to Barbados! Lol!!"Doh girl! Don't Bajan man real nice and dem give yuh dem money just so!"she was seeking confirmation. I shook my head and shoulders meaning I didn't know.

She held the floor the entire time. Just chatting off her mouth. She would allow one liners but nothing more. This platform was her stage and it's as if she was putting in the performance of a lifetime.

What fascinated me was her dress code though, I never knew someone could make hair look cheap until then. She had in some type of a "Brazilian looking" hair she kept brushing and flashing it like it was hers. Cheap looking because her hair was begging for a change. The root where the hair met the weave was in a real bad condition. Her hair needed to be permed. So you get the idea!The eyelashes were fly fanners! She wore a long jumpsuit where both sides front to back were cut out so you could see skin and what she had on under. She sported a gold slippers and fake gold sticker tattoos on her arms. Not that it's any of my business how you wanna dress but make better efforts this year to go out looking good or should I say right?!

Make the best of 2016!


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