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January 06, 2016
Gully Bop

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Because we are the people paper, we can't help but include you. So, if you are an active follower you may just see your comment here.

Here are some comments on stories that were a hit on Facebook last week:

Good Sting, Low turnout (Published Monday, December 28, 2015)

While some of our followers thought Star Face had nothing to do with Sting's abrupt ending, most couldn't look past her attire.

Tennytenz Annie Mclean: Mi woulda ova sting as she come on too!! Kmt, weh she ago inna cardboard?

Regal Chica: Dem use har as excuse fi stop di show. Is a set up. Most a dem artistes neva backstage. Di place did more dan half empty. Dem couldn't pay dem, a stunt dem pull. Dis girl a scapegoat.

Jermaine Johnson: Di promoter see seh di show flop suh him have to jus' jump to plan B and play the blame game, you can't have a sting without the hot artiste dem.

Poshteisha Josiah: Wah she a wear? That don't look good, not even fi look pon.

DWayne Binns Leon: Gal your mouth need to wash out with bleach.

Gully Bop and Chin in nasty break-up (Published Wednesday December 30, 2015)

Shauna could not keep her chin up, as the attackers came out in their numbers.

Shauna Frazer: A lie she a tell, she want Bop look bad. A true him a dash out the things them that he hide about you .God is gonna put back Bop on his foot. You didn't make him, you was all about di money, gold ripper.

Jossette Brown: Jesus, then if Chin a 25, me a how much? Me have fi go check me age paper again.

Wynter Red: Chin yuh too lie bout yuh a 25, mi nuh believe yuh... Mi swear yuh was at least 39. Yu sure?!?! 25 hard years it look like, SMH, even Bop look younger than yuh.

Tanny Powell: Wat a gal cold, people in domestic violence fi all 10 years and more and by looking at them you can see it their face that they're being mistreated. Yuh jus deh wid Bop a year now and yuh cyaa show a scratch on your skin. Aye some gal wicked to man enuh.

Goodasfidem Teran Reid: Wooie, mi baddi ah caan manage inna do mawning yah. Ole wicked gal a you nuh stop beat up di man. Chin yuh wicked enuh. A you put the 'W' inna wicked.

Heavy D, Nuffy blast Bop and ( Posted Wednesday December 30, 2015 [latest news])

Most of our followers found it laughable that even on a tour of Europe Shauna Chin and Gully Bop still had time to fight.

Peter Hunter: How Heavy D ah loud up di people dem fighting ting suh. A fighting tour dem guh pon.

Aundre Hanson: But a fighta dem, no saaaaahhhhhh, dem fight inna dem sleep to?

Dwayne British: Dem a mussi BOXER!

Unruly Sparta Sawyers: A weh Tony Matterhorn deh?

Kay God's-favoured Pearson: Dwl, I can't manage.

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