I intentionally wore fake brand

January 08, 2016
Contributed Sher Rumbaar

Popular dancer Sher Rumbaar has been the laughing stock on social media since a photograph was posted online, showing her wearing a fake Adidas suit, with the spelling 'Odidos'.

The picture was shared more than 10,000 times with viewers poking fun at the dancer.

One viewer posted: "I would never wear anything fake kmt. So many no name sweats out there weh look good so what mi ah do innah odidos? Better she just wear a regular sweat pants if you can't afford the real one but this right here is ridiculous".

Another wrote: "A weh fake brand a guh? That neva inna it and dem seh dem a hot gal she should a hide it."

Despite the backlash, there were those supporters of the acrobatic dancehall dancer, who said she is free to wear what makes her comfortable.

"That is why nuff people won't amount to anything in life. Dem love the hype and bout dem a buy name brand wey dem can't even afford. Clothes a clothes and if the girl wants to buy brand or not, that does not define who she is as a person," a supporter wrote.

Sher told Dancers Paradise she wore the fake Adidas deliberately, a marketing ploy. "I bought the pants deliberately. The truth is, I have a suitcase filled with the real thing but when you post the real thing, nobody shares it on social media. Because the pants was fake, they posted it all over the world because people just love negativity," she said.

The Dancehall Queen who was involved in a fight with rival dancers recently, said negative publicity helps to promote her brand and increases followers on social media.

However, she does not intend to be embroiled in too much controversy.

"I see where my followers have increased and I get more shows when there is negative publicity. But even though that is good for business, I am also a role model, and fans look up to me, and they don't want to see me in a certain way," she said.

Sher and her dance crew are promoting new dances, Tilt and Wiggle. She also said that she would be embarking on tours and starting businesses in 2016.

"I try to be different and do new things. I also value myself as a rounded dancer, who is able to fit into different situations, whether corporate or dancehall. Even if it's African, I can do some Kumina moves," she said.

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