My Confession: I told my sugar daddy I was barren


January 08, 2016

Mi say STAR, when me did inna me 20s me used to talk to a little old man wah used to take care of me money wise and in return me would give him a little 'niceness'.

It was a good little arrangement, but inna my mind, it wasn't anything serious.

Me neva know say the man think we inna committed relationship until one night me go link him fi a likkle money and him start ask me when we a guh start the family and move in together!

Mi neva have dem deh plans deh, but God know me did want the money fi go buy a bashment outfit so mi neva waa say anything fi upset him. Mi just start agree wid him and tell him yes.

Same time him say we can start tonight by going without the 'boots'. STAR, me still can't believe me allow that fi happen, but it happened a couple times well. Every time after we did it, I would just take a morning after pill.

Few months pass and him start ask me how me no pregnant yet. Same time me get an idea! Me tell him say me no know wah do me, me haffi go check out miself at the doctor to make sure everything alright and me ago need some money fi the doctors visit.

Me jus go home and nyam di money. Two days after, me visit him again and tell him say me have sad news from the doctors. Mi tell him seh dem say me barren and can't have no pickney. He was so devastated.

Anyways, wah day ya me did a shop wid me daughter inna Half-Way Tree and buck up pan the same likkle old man. Poor thing, him so old now him couldn't recognise me, but me still hail him up.

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