Suss with Latty Goodaz


January 08, 2016
Contributed Jean-Paul Menou sports his precious gold chain at the beach.
Shauna Chin
LA Lewis

Suss with Latty Goodaz

The year 2016 roll round and what a time to be alive. Me a wait pon Portia to call elections so that we can just get it over and done wid cause me want to see who next a go run the country. But before dat, big up all a me fans dem, 2016 a our year. Big up Nesbeth. You board house bun dung, but now you have a dream and a it a run road!!

If you man a gi you problems, padlock him! Wooiiii. 2016 roll round and Shauna Chin and LA Lewis have song name Padlock Him. Unuh nuh see say God a come? A bere mad people a link up! The two a unuh need fi fly away pon LA Lewis drivers license and never return.

Shauna Chin, the obeah man say you owe him. Is what you go over dere go trust? Wah kinda potion you take pon hire purchase? Whatever you go over deh go take, carry it back because you and Gully Bop still mash up. The man say him want him money or him a go harm you! Chin you did deh wid two teeth Gully Bop fi over a year, you've been through enough. Nuh badda make the obeah man haffi do you more harm because maybe you end up wid a one tooth man this time.

Hello Chris Gayle, what a piece a prekke you inna. You lef good, good Jamaica gone flirt wid reporter a Australia and look deh now, you might caan even get fi go back over deh go play cricket. How me never hear you a flirt wid no reporter out here? A wha? Dem nuh good enough? Me think everybody a flip up and gwaan like say you a di worst ting, but nuh worry yuhself darling. Come back home to you mansion, and if cricket nuh work out, you can gwaan serve food a Triple Century because some a di waiters dem up deh need some training.

Cash Fi gold! Cash Fi gold! Mr. Quiz Master, me sorry fi disappoint you, but that chain look like it turn scrap metal long time. The Quiz Master go downtown and some young boy grab off him gold chain weh him have over 20 years. Is a shame me haffi say this, but sir, nutten name gold nuh suppose to go nowhere near downtown. When ya go Dung A Town, you Fi put on you wash over jewelery sir. Not even phone you caan walk wid. A only the bangers phone dem you fi use dung deh. Dem cash fi gold man ya a get out a hand. Government need fi load dem up like wild animal and lock dem up.

Gully Gad back in the island

Hello Gully Gad Mavado, welcome back in the island. Nice to see you home. I don't really see you on the road and ting, you staying in the house or what?

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