Woman wants to sue farmer for wounding her


January 08, 2016

Last year a farmer pleaded guilty to wounding his neighbour and was fined $50,000 or three months' imprisonment, but the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome.

According to the injured woman, she was on her way from church when the farmer, who is her neighbour, began accusing her of interfering in his business.

"When I told him I did not know what he was talking about, he said I was lying," she said.

"He began telling me that I was the one who told his wife that he was cheating on her. I told him that I was not watching his movements and I did not business with him.

"I could not believe how he was behaving in a rowdy manner. He began cursing indecent language and then began pointing his finger in my face.

"I began walking towards my house, and before I could open my front door, he grabbed me from behind. I shouted for help and his wife and children ran over to my house and pulled him away. He pulled himself away from them and took a knife from his pocket and cut me on my right hand.

"He bragged that he had given me a scar for life so that when I see the mark I will know to keep out of people's business. When his wife heard his remarks, she told him I was not the one who told her about his lying and cheating lifestyle. She told him that it was his own relative who told her.

"He did not even tell me he was sorry for what he did. All he said was that at sometime in my life I must have carried news on someone, so if I get a little cut that is no big thing.

"I began to cry and his wife and children apologised to me for what he did. They encouraged me to report the matter to the police and his wife followed me to the police station, where I made a report. The next day, I went to the doctor and was treated for the injury. I felt very bad about the whole incident because this man used to be my very good friend. We shared crops and sometimes he even helped me to farm my land.

The police came and locked him up and charged him with wounding. I went to court and when his name was called, the charge was read to him and he pleaded guilty. He was fined $50,000 or three months' imprisonment. He paid the money, and up to this day, he has not apologised to me for cutting me.

"Right now my hand is hurting me because the cut was on one of the veins to the back of my hand. Whenever I do extra work like washing, the hand pains me a whole lot. I still have to be going to the doctor for the pain in my hand," she said.

The woman explained that last month, she was talking to her sister in Canada, who told her that she should sue him to recover all her medical expenses.

"I did not know that was possible since he paid the fine," she said.

A criminal case is different from a civil case. He paid the $50,000 for the offence he committed, but that does not prevent you from suing him. If you sue him, the matter will be heard in the civil court and you must present to the court all your medical expenses. The judge, after hearing evidence in the matter, will make a determination as to whether you should be compensated for your medical expenses and receive damages for pain and suffering.

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