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January 13, 2016

Most of our followers thought Gayle was sanctioned because he is a black man.

Page Dem Ricardo: If it was a Caucasian man, I am sure they would just sweep it under the mat.

Gregory Danni: Black man nuh have freedom of speech. Black man nuh lucky at all. Pree how dem mash up Bill Cosby.

Dale Black: Dem jus want back some a di money weh dem a pay him.

Akeem Fletcher: This is definitely the new way to make money. White women suing black men ... Bill Cosby, Tyga, now Chris Gayle.

Catherine Nembhard: Black people nuh see seh we can't play or run joke round dem colour people deh. Look at Cosby.

Poor Chin! She was certainly given a hard time when this story broke.

Pookiewookieslimmyslimting Lyubov Nadezhda: Mine a Chin pay him (obeah man) fi say dem things deh so she can stay somewhat relevant in a di media. Har comeback game weak.

Delroy Brown: Dang! Is it Miss Chin y'all classifying as ghetto bicycle? Why though? She ain't the first female to want something good for herself, come on now.

Marcia Brown: Let dem talk, girl. Just give them more to talk about.

Latoya Becks: She a live up now and want a new boo fi di new year. Hahaha. Dem people ya a real joke!

The Facebook users were not pleased with LA Lewis and Chin.

Vanessa Bailey: LA lewis is a mad man in clean clothes! Now he is hooking up with the gold-digger. I hope he has money or else Chin a padlock him too.

Ovena Haughton Clayton: LA Lewis, shut up yuh dumpster mouth! Mi nuh know why dem nuh give you your mad injection. Yuh think yuh betta than Gully Bop.

Sonya Moi: LA Lewis need to go and sit again. Look how long him deh round and all now him can't buss. Two a dem a poppyshow!

Wolf Broom: LA Lewis a look trimmings. Look pan him too, can't trust scavengers like him. He is just trying to see what he can scavenge.

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