Suss with Latty Goodaz


January 15, 2016
Chase Cross
Contributed Dexta Daps

Suss with Latty Goodaz

New year, same old Latty Goodaz with the mix up. We nuh pet nor powder. From a egg, we inna the red. What is in the dark must come to light, so it better some people just do the tings inna the light and nuh make me haffi DUN DEM!

Mavado back inna di drama

2016 not even start yet and everybody a done Alkaline. One man weh claim say him name Kasanova or Casablanca, some Kas Kas him name, a say Alka fi talk the truth cause a him write the song dem. Mister Kasanova, if a you write the song dem, all you need fi do a find another artiste fi write fah. I-Octane look like him need some help and a long time me nuh hear from him. Link dem and go build some tune.

Everybody a done Alkaline, a wah so

The year just start, Mavado just come back and a bere drama. One producer name Dizzy claim say Chase Cross thump him inna him mouth. Chase Cross a long time me nuh hear no music from you. Mi did like you likkle song, Next From The Gully. Mi a wait pon you fi drop some more tune because like how Vado nuh out here again, a you haffi start shub out tune from the Gully Side.

Tings a gwaan fi yu Bolt

Usain, happy new year. I hear that you made $2.5 billion last year, so call me if you looking for a friend. Anyway, you go pon Profile wah day ya and a bere tings get dash out. Me like how you wife up a Jamaican girl. The year just start so me a go wait till next week fi hear the rest of the profile interview before me come back come say my few words. Big up yourself Usain girlfriend. I hear that you nuh stop private and unprivate you page to keep the stalkers away. Me over deh long time a faas. A baaaay!

Hello Dexta Daps. You love a sitten fi the the girl dem jealous over fi true. Everybody look like dem want the morning love. You a gwaan wid bere BIG tings.

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