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January 20, 2016
Errol Crosby Photo Ity (left) and Fancy Cat

STAR Thought


Because we are the people paper, we can't help but include you. So, if you are an active follower you may just see your comment here.

Here are some comments on stories that were a hit on Facebook last week:

Ity gets baptised (Posted [latest news] Monday, January 11, 2016)

Heaven rejoices over one sinner who turned to the Lord and so did the STAR audience.

Paula Smith-Jones: Amen! Congrats my brother. There is a work for us to do and the time is now. Press on and trust GOD, He will carry you through.

DiamondFace Stephanie: To God be the glory, great things he has done. It is not his will for us to perish but to draw all man unto repentance.

Miriam Jones: I just love to hear people turning their lives to God. Life will be better when we walk with God. Trust me my brother, congrats, you won't regret.

Hantia Halladene: One more soul for the kingdom. I'm happy for you and family. When God get ready, you got to move. Be bold, be strong for the Lord thy God is with you, wonderful move.

Dwight Beckford: I am so glad to hear that you have turn your life to God and I hope and pray that Fancy will do the same.

Voice-notes dissing Kartel are real (Published Monday, January 11, 2016)

This one evoked mixed reactions from our audience, as some sided with Alkaline while others defended Kartel.

Shamille Eva-Clean Fearless: Might as well yuh gwaan go tek Vybz Kartel place fi real and mek Vybz Kartel tek fi yuh space a road.

Orville Reid: Nah lie Kartel songs them run radio, but Alkaline song dem get more foward in dancehall from what I saw on my trip back home.

Jody Blake: Vybz Kartel a the boss. Even though he's behind bars people still sit down pan him name like back pocket rag. hahahaaaaa! Joke this some a them a just Vybz Kartel wanna-be

Nicola Lisi: Alkaline is the man a bayyyyy 2016, Vendetta str888.

Squidly Rankin: Can't tek Kartel place youth. Why you don't just find your own lane?

Devon House ice-cream among top 10 in the world (Posted [latest news] Tuesday January 12, 2016)

Our followers felt a sense of national pride after hearing that Devon House ice-cream was number four in the world.

Andrea Forbes-Pereira: I am so proud of this little island.

Christopher Bird: We are number one.

Tanya Francis: They should say the number one

Camille Ellimac: Best ice cream everrr!!!

Trevor Miller: Nowhere like home. No weh nuh better dan yard.

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