Suss with Latty Goodaz

January 22, 2016
Lisa Hanna
Everald Warmington
@Normal:Portia Simpson Miller as she announced the date for the 2007 general election.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Deejay Bounty Killer poses with K Queens
Bounty Killer
Mr Vegas
Devin Di Dakta
Corey Todd
Krystal Tomlinson
Krystal Tomlinson
Beenie Man

Tanamaneh! Tanamanah! Real Rich! Some people only rich pon social media. Latty Goodaz rich in love cause Government nah stop tax we! Big up all a the real fans dem and all who a pray fi see we fail a go disappointed. A our year dis!


Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson, what a way unuh inna Rebel Salute a play tongue nyammings!

Me feel like unuh did well want people see unuh dats why unuh go dung deh a kiss up. Krystal, a which part you and Beenie meet? A wha him tell you fi get you? A you a di first lady now? So what is D'Angel new title?

Me like Krystal and Beenie together. The two a unuh look like a nice couple pon paper.

When him a beat it, beat it! Corey Todd, me never even memba bout you. What a way you just drop back inna the media wid bere mix up. Wah really gwaan wid you and Devin Di Dakta? Wah mek unuh beat him wid belt? Devin, why you gone inna di man place if you diss him inna song? All wah me a say is duppy know who fi frighten, enuh.


Vegas say Bounty shoulda sign all a di artiste dem weh him buss and me agree! Mavado, Ele, Kartel, Busy, and the whole a the Alliance shoulda under contract.

Right now, Bounty buss the most artiste and some a dem same one tun round and disrespect him. It kinda too late ya now because it nuh mek no sense him sign K Queens because a years him a try wid dem and nutten.

A the hardest set a artiste fi buss. Is like dem career stubborn like Bounty Killer hair.

Mama P, when is

election? PNP nuh ready or wah? Mi tired fi hear bout Juliet and Damion.

Mi tired fi hear bout Raymond Pryce. Me tired fi hear bout Andrew house. We tired a unuh. Call it mek wi vote and done.

Hello, Mr Warmington. What a way you hot fi Lisa Hanna! A wah she do you? You a get from bad to worse now. You all a call the woman Jezebel like you have secret fi har.

You need fi do better. But a nuh you one. The whole a unuh inna Parliament want bleach and sanitise. As a matter of fact, we just need fi start over from scratch and put out all a unuh.

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