Predictions: Prostitute wanted to end her life


January 28, 2016

A drunken prostitute who visited me one Monday morning was determined to end her life.

Tired and frustrated at the ongoing decline of her life, she could see no way out. The young woman went on to explain that she had prayed to God on a number of occasions, asking for forgiveness and guidance, but to no avail, and was now at her wits end.

It took quite some time, but I was able to make her see that despite her state affairs, her life was still precious and of great value to the Creator. Eventually, she agreed to make another effort to straighten out herself and took my advice to find a church and try to serve God.

I then gave her a spiritual cleansing and anointed this troubled woman with olive oil and she left with tears in her eyes, thanking me for helping her to see the light. I was pleasantly surprised recently to get a call advising that she was now going to church regularly and was due to be baptised. I was very happy to see that she had chosen the Lord's way.

When a woman called from England asking for my help, it became clear after speaking to her for a few minutes that she was very troubled.

She agreed to come to Jamaica to see me in person to discuss some problems she was having with a relative. It was very pale and weak-looking woman who turned up at about

2 o'clock one afternoon about a month later, saying she was feeling a lot of pain. In fact, it had taken a lot of effort for her to reach my office. She then went on to explain that a family member she had entrusted to take care of business here in Jamaica was in fact trying to rob her. My spiritual reading confirmed the negative vibrations from the person, and when I asked if she had a lawyer on the case, was surprised when she said no. I then instructed her to seek legal advice and went about doing my end of the job. Five months later, she explained that after following my instructions, the property in question was now restored to her and everything was straightened out legally. She admitted to having learnt a valuable lesson and went about telling people about how I had helped her.

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