Dancer's Paradise: Sanjay recruits Tifa, Demarco for Belleh remix

January 29, 2016

Dancehall artiste Sanjay has remixed his song, 'Belleh', with Tifa and Demarco.

The song, which originally featured Innovata and Deep Jahi, is already receiving strong rotation. It recently got numerous encores at Uptown Mondays.

The popular dance song is an ode to veteran dancer Shelly Belly who choreographed the move.

Sanjay told Dancers Paradise, on behalf of the Belleh team, fans of dancehall are already catching on to the Belleh remix.

"The remix was always a part of the long-term vision, and I just felt that it would have given the song more longevity. We added more established acts to the record this time, and this will give us more leverage," he said.

The Man of My Word singer said he is pleased at the pace at which the record is growing.

"The response has been great. We just started in the streets and, if you look at the Instagram videos, you can see that the people are feeling it because we already had a momentum with the first one," he said.

Sanjay also said he, Tifa and Demarco could potentially collaborate for a music video in support of the song. He also gave kudos to local dancers for the contribution they make to Dancehall's culture.

"Dancehall is innate to us. The word dance is more than half of the word dancehall and, if you visit the dancehalls, you will see several Europeans, and they are not here to see any recording artiste or selectors.

"They are here for the dancing, so that shows you how much value dancing brings to dancehall culture," he said.

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