Fired after being sexually harassed


January 29, 2016

Last month, a household helper was fired from her job because she complained of sexual harassment.

She said she worked with a family in Montego Bay for four years and things went very well for three years.

"The woman's husband, who was working and studying abroad, came home in late 2014, and since then, I have been having a very difficult time on the job. When I got the job at first, it was just the woman and her two children as the husband was overseas and visited during the holidays," she explained.

"I noticed that since he came home for good, he was always questioning me about my boyfriend. I told him I was happy with my boyfriend.

"He does his own business, and many days, he returns home and starts touching me. I told him I did not like what he was doing.


"Although I disagreed with his behaviour, he just would not stop. Sometimes he even tried to kiss me, and many times when I heard him driving in, I had to run and lock myself in the bathroom.

"It reached the point where I became very unhappy going to work in the days. It was just as if this man became obsessed with me. One day I lost my temper when he exposed himself to me. I told him that if he continued, I was going to tell his wife.

"He said his wife trusted him and she would never believe me. He continued his sexual harassment whenever he got the opportunity. Things got so bad that sometimes in my sleep, I had nightmares about it.

"I really got fed up with the situation, and so in October last year, I complained to a neighbour about the man's behaviour. She advised me to speak to his wife about it. I took the advice and last month I told the wife.

"She became very upset and began cursing me. She even told me that I was telling lies on her husband. She told me to leave her house and never return.

"When I asked her for my pay, she said she could never pay me for telling lies on her husband. I have telephoned her several times about the money and she does not respond. I don't know what else to do," she said.

If your employer fired you and refused to pay you, then you should take the matter to the Ministry of Labour. You will be advised by employees there of your entitlements. If it is possible, a meeting will be held between you and your

employer to settle the matter. However, if your employer refuses to attend the meeting or refuses to pay you, then the matter will have to be

settled in court.

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