How To: Applying for a nonimmigrant US visa


January 29, 2016

As the year begins, summer vacations are now being planned. A great number of Jamaicans usually want to traverse to the United States of America for their vacation. The process of applying for a nonimmigrant American visa are included in this article:

1. The US Department of State requires all applicants to fill out an electronic version of the DS-160 form which can be found on the United States Embassy website ( This form must be completed before you pay your application fee or schedule an appointment. Each applicant must print their DS-160 confirmation page and bring it with them to their appointment.

2. The following documents are needed after filling out the DS-160 form:

a. A passport that is valid for at least the next six months

b. All previous US visas in old passports (even if the visas are expired or cancelled).

c. Appointment confirmation page.

d. One passport-sized photo which is should have a white or off-white background and taken within the last six months.

3. Each applicant is required to pay a non-refundable visa application fee. This application fee may be paid by credit card online or at any National Commercial Bank branch using a deposit slip obtained online. You must complete the DS-160 form before paying this fee.

4. Applicants can schedule a visa appointment either by phone or online. Applicants are encouraged to schedule their appointments long before their intended travel date because there may be a wait time of several weeks or longer before the next available visa appointment.

5. A visit will be made to the Embassy's Consular Section on the scheduled date. Individuals are encouraged to ensure they have the necessary documents before their appointment.

6. Applicants who are 13 years old or younger and applicants over the age of 79 do not need to appear in person unless requested, although they must still schedule an appointment for their application documents to be submitted.

7. If your nonimmigrant visas is approved, the visa will be delivered through a professional courier service, DHL. The visa application fee includes the cost of DHL delivery service within Jamaica. Applicants will have an opportunity to select their DHL delivery point when scheduling their appointment. The passport can be picked up at one of the two DHL locations, Kingston (19 Haining Road) or in Montego Bay (14 Sunset Boulevard).

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