Fass&Crious: I hate bad customer Service


February 01, 2016

Howdie, my peeps! Is how unuh do this week? Something that always gets to me when I go somewhere is customer service.

Good or bad, I pay attention, and I always make sure I give Caesar what's due. If it's good, I will commend, so if it's bad, why not talk about it likewise? Besides, the only way the business will grow is if it learns from its mistakes; address the issues and improve quality. Sometimes I wonder if people operating businesses know what 'quality service' means.

I recently went for a small rendezvous; I was disappointed. I sat at the counter for more than five minutes. Neither waiter nor bartender offered their services.

Well, I guess because we were not eating, we became irrelevant, as someone had come to lay place mats and menu, and I said, we weren't dining.

And mi suppose because we nah nyam, we can't drink, so wi a go siddung and look like we a nobody.

Well that's what we were to them - nobodies! The worst part is me did dress lakka puss to, enuh!

"Talk to me, girl! Talk to me!" a bartender said as a waitress walked up to the counter.

"One fruit punch and wah water!" she replied.


She was served. Everyone comes and goes. No one addresses us. They serve, then huddle up to the left of the bar to chat with each other. I was finding the situation annoying, but amusing.

Annoying because I needed something to wet my throat other than my spit. Amusing because they don't know who is who - not that that should matter. They were being paid for doing nothing. It was also amusing because I was thinking how I was about to chew up the supervisor or manager.

Come on, now, if the workers are ineffective, then the leader has to be inefficient. That, or people are okay with mediocrity. Yeah, I said it! Stop cheating yourself of good, quality service. You pay these people's bills! Kmt!

I found out who was the supervisor and approached him."

"We have been sitting here at the bar for more than 10 minutes and no one has offered us a drink, and it's not like someone isn't available! So I want to know if there is a code or something that tells your workers who they offer service to or not. Is it that my friend and I look like we can't afford a drink or something? 'Cause I'm offended, really! I mean someone did come to offer us menus as we sat down, but from the moment I said we weren't eating, it's like no one was interested in serving us anymore. which I find quite interesting since we sitting by the bar."

He was remorseful.

"I want to apologise for the guy because he is new ... ."

He left to speak with his staff. He was back.

"They thought he already talked to you guys ... ."

I cut him off, "So does it then mean that it's okay for people to just loft around?"


He was starting to feel the pressure. I wasn't easing up either.

"See, what you saying to me doesn't make any sense. If you have people coming into your place and sitting around doing nothing and they are welcome, that doesn't speak good of management. New or not, poor customer service is no excuse. That says that you are not doing your job well because they were hired to work. Workers are only effective and efficient as their leaders. We just walked in, so obviously, we weren't playing games ... ."

He jumped in, "I'm very sorry. That bartender will take care of you. Just tell him what you need. OK?"

From that moment on, the service changed. I was being treated like a queen. The supervisor even came back to check on us.

Walk good yah, people. Don't settle for less than you deserve.

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