Predictions: Cabbie sought help to find stolen car


February 04, 2016

A young taxi driver who sought my help to find his car which had been missing for two days was less than happy when I told him what I saw.

After consulting my oracle, I advised him that by the time he got to it the vehicle would be scrapped and he would get back only parts of it. I gave him the location of the car, which was beside a cemetery in St Catherine. After four days, he called saying he had found the car with parts missing but was thankful for my help.

A Manchester couple had been reported missing for some time.

A man who worked with the government came to seek my help in finding them. I told him that they were in a closed-up, confined place and asked where in the parish was garbage dumped. He said there were two places, Iron Gate Grove Place and Spur Tree and I directed him to check both areas. Acting on my instructions, the bodies of the couple were found at Grove Place and the man called to thank me for helping. He explained that even though they had been murdered, the family now had some peace of mind and could get on with their lives.

A lady who carried her sick daughter to my office about 5 p.m. one Saturday explained that the child had been having severe chest pains and nothing they tried brought any relief.

After reading up the young miss, I determined that something she was given to eat was the cause of the intense pain and discomfort. I then gave her some olive oil to drink and prayed and blessed her up. To my surprise, the girl suddenly jumped up, ran out of the office and started vomiting up some slimy, very bad-smelling liquid. I had to use bleach and disinfectant to clean the place up. I gave her some hot mint tea and her condition improved. Her mother left giving thanks to the Almighty God and acknowledging me as his servant.

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