My Confession: Had sex with her man, sent the proof


February 05, 2016

So, STAR, when I was in community college I used to be in class with this girl. I knew she was dating a guy in a class above us, but I really liked him and I think he liked me, too.

I respected the fact that they had a relationship so me neva badda go upfront when me approach him. Mi just 'lay wait' him early one morning, and draw him rouna one corner and tell him how me feel. He told me he had a girlfriend, but I convinced him that I would keep us on the down low.

So, the plan was that we link-up early mornings, before she reach school, and late in the evening after him put her pon taxi. It's a small school so, eventually, people did start see we and chat, so till it reach back to her.

She did even suspect seh something really a gwaan between us. She confronted him about it, and he denied it, telling her that we were just very good friends.

Anyways, one morning she come a school extra early and catch we a talk. We weren't doing anything, just talking, and the gyal come chuck me inna me chest, and start throw on kick and thump pon me! Me neva know a so she bad.

Me shock till me just stand up a tek the lick dem. A di bwoy haffi drag her off me, and tell her say we just did a talk, we neva did a do anything else. After that she calm down.

Mi say when me go home and a think bout it, me hurt how me neva get fi lick di gyal, enuh. So me decide fi hurt har back. I just go inna me phone fi some very 'intimate' pictures of me and the guy and send it straight to har WhatsApp.

From that day the guy cut me off completely. Mi nuh know what him tell her fi get outta that one, but dem still deh together. Dem all engaged right now.

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