OvaMarz promotes Show Dem Up

February 05, 2016
Contributed OvaMarz

Popular dancer OvaMarz is promoting a new dance titled Show Dem Up. The dancer says the new move is deeper than just a choreography, but is also motivational.

"You are making people see how good you are at what you do. More time you have some people who are in a certain team which exposes them, but there are those who have the talent but don't have the medium to expose their skills. But this dance move is about outperforming the competition," he said.

Known for dance moves like Now You See Me, Paper Bag, Hot Rice among others, the veteran dancer has been teaching dance lessons in Europe and locally.

He told Dancers Paradise that his main objective is to make dance moves that will withstand the test of time as well as breakthrough internationally.

"I have been taking on the street because once Show Dem Up buss inna the street everywhere people will take on to it. People should continue to support OvaMarz because I am unique and entertaining and that is why I have a name from day one until now. It's like a joy to stand up and watch mi ... OvaMarz always influence others positively, and a lot of the new school dancers give me my props from day to day," he said.

OvaMarz says dancing is in a good place especially since dance songs are being played in the dancehall again.

"Right now am working on more dances and music. I want to take this international, and also to create my own studio because that will allow me to put out as much work as possible. I will create hit dances same like how Bob Marley have hit songs," he said.

Also known to dabble with deejaying, the dancer will release a new single in support of Show Dem Up. His last effort, Now You See Me, produced by Chimney Records received strong rotation in the Caribbean.

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