Fass&Curious: Miserable taxi drivers!


February 15, 2016

Howdie, mi peeps! What a gwan? Mi miss some a unuh! Feel like mi nuh si unuh from last year. Is what happen, di likkle paper money a get scarce or unuh ditch mi fi the new STAR app? LOL, but that would a mean yuh step up inna life, man. Buh-bye "hello baba" and "banger" step een Android. Alright, in that case mi feel proud. Cho!

So di oda evening I run go Half-Way Tree; and mama, I almost wish I stayed home because I almost got caught up in some nonsense. Somebody tell me why everybody get so vile? Is what happen, the orange and green claat fly up inna unuh head or wah? Oh, I know it's the season when 'poli-tics' a go round and a dash out madness give some a unuh. Well, tell yuh what, keep it enuh 'cause I don't waan catch it!

Right on the road between the bus terminus and Burger King, a fleet of vehicle, including a JUTC bus, was waiting in traffic. As usual, here comes a taxi man in the side to Burger King forcing his way down to the front of the light, I guess. The light changes and I assume the bus man saw him trying to cut through and didn't let him in. Boy, was the taxi man upset. He parked the car in the middle of the road - with the passengers - got out and walked up to the bus window.

"Hey chi chi man, yah idiot!" Bad word! Bad word!

He went to find a stone and ran around the bus front like he was hoping some part of the bus would be open. Thank God, it wasn't. The JUTC bus driver just sat calmly.

Crowd gathered. "Den is weh di driver fi dat car deh?" a woman asked

Another responded, "See, a fight him gone look fight, I don't know what's wrong with them!"

"Mi just want yuh open the window!" The taxi man said, with stones in hand.


Some of the bus passengers some looked worried, while others just looked at the idiot ranting below.

Light changed! Yes, this is over. Or not. The bus driver took the bend and came to a stop! At the green light! LMAO! This was funny as hell. That only made the taxi man furious some more as he couldn't pass but had to wait while he just threw a bad word-riddled tantrum, saying what he would do from what he couldn't.

I'm just wondering why the passengers were still sitting comfortably in the car. Like dem nuh see is a lunatic dem a drive wid? Just like the driver of the taxi I was in. He was just cussing the whole time, how is country him shudda run taxi. No one dared to say anything. It was just him and his demons. He even started cussing a girl for trying to cross the road - at a stop sign.

Walk good yah people. Make smart choices and walk away from trouble if you can. Always!


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