Real Talk: Spice shows her romantic side


February 18, 2016
Contributed Dancehall artiste Spice
Spice aka Grace Hamilton

Hello, Real Talk peeps, welcome, welcome, welcome. This week we wrap up our interview with the 'stage show boss' Spice, as she talks romance and music.

Renee: In your music you are often hardcore, are you a romantic at heart?

Spice: I can be romantic if I want to. I like to be spoiled, so I prefer when the man is more romantic, but I can be. I don't really like to show that side of me because I've always heard that you should never let the man know how much you check fi him. That side of me is exclusive, so if you get that from me, you know things a gwaan fi you.

Renee: So things a gwaan fi Nicholas?

Spice: Yes, I would say that (laughs).

Renee: What is the most romantic thing that you've ever done?

Spice: I think it was when I left a note in his car and he was to read it and find me at a particular place. When he went there, there was another note at the door and he was to read that and get another clue to my location. When he went there and found me, everything else happen after that (laughs).

Renee: Many are hailing you as the leading lady of dancehall, who do you see best suited to follow your lead?

Spice: I think Vanessa Bling is doing extremely well right now. She's young and she has a very nice catalogue. I think people should watch out for her. Pamputtae has the same kinda stage show antics like me, she know how to work di crowd. It's just for her to get a catalogue going.

Renee: It's a life and death situation and you had to date someone within the dancehall industry, who would that be?

Spice: I don't think I look on anybody in the industry in that way. I know who I definitely wouldn't date though. I couldn't date Richie Feelings. If me date him, me kids wouldn't have no snacks fi go school. Him ever a drink out me kids juice and eat out dem snacks. Him and a next one name Tall Boss, mi couldn't date dem. Dem would eat out everything weh di kids dem must get.

Well Real Talkers, I'm going to leave you here for this week. Next week I will be chatting with another one of your favorite persons. Until then, keep it real!

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