My Confession: I told my cousin's wife he was cheating


February 19, 2016

Mi say, STAR, I have a cousin who migrated some years ago, but would always visit Jamaica every chance he gets. I use to think it's because he loved Jamaica and his family why he visited so often, but since me get older me realise that it was something else!

A woman him have a Jamaica! I honestly wouldn't have a problem with this if he wasn't married and have kids overseas. Mi say, it bun me, you see, because I really respect his wife. She loves him so much, and they looked so good together.

To make matters worse, a nuh somebody upstanding him a cheat with, enuh, is a likkle batta-foot gyal wah everybody inna the community run through already. A di worse thing him coulda pick up, di worst outta the lot.

Him have the likkle mosquito-looking gal a drive up and down inna car front, and dem deh a every party together. Mi couldn't manage it anymore, dem did a get outta hand.

Mi call the wife and tell her everything. She was so heartbroken, but me beg her nuh fi call back mi name when she a confront him about it.

The day afta me tell the wife, she call him and cuss him off. After she hang up mi hear him a cuss bout how Jamaican people faas and 'badmind', and dem fi mind dem own business. To how him did upset, him say him ago lick down anybody who tell the wife. Mi jus sit down inna me room a laugh to me self.

Until this day, him nuh know say a me tell him wife say him did a cheat.

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