Woman wants to sue for partner money


February 19, 2016

A housewife was left with a $50,000 debt after her friend refused to pay her partner money, though she has been given the opportunity to pay $5,000 on a monthly basis.

According to the housewife, she started a partner with 10 of her friends in January last year.

"I worked it out that each person should pay $5,000, monthly, and at the end of each month, one person would get a draw of $50,000.

"The plan was that I, as the banker, would get $5,000 from each draw for my services, as I am the one who has to ensure that the money is paid. I told my friend how the partner was going to work. She told me she was interested.

"She gave me $5,000 at the end of January, last year, but two days, later she came crying that she had a big problem. She told me her boyfriend had a court case and begged me to give her the first draw.

"I collected the money from the other persons in the partner and gave her the $50,000. She gave me $5,000 from the money because I had told her that the rule was that the banker must get one hand of the money, which was $5,000.

"I am now in shock because since my friend got her draw, in the second week in February, last year, she has not paid anymore money.


The housewife explained that each time she asked her friend what was the position with the money, she got no favourable response.

She said the situation got so bad that her friend stopped talking to her.

"She no longer answer my phone calls," she said.

"The partner ended in October last year, and I had to pay the partner for my friend. I saw her in November last year, and told her if she did not have the money to pay me, she could pay it in five parts. She agreed but so far, has not paid one cent.

"When I spoke to her last month about the money, she cursed me. She even called me a thief and said I was robbing the people when I take $5,000 from each person. She told me she was not paying the money and I should satisfy with the $5,000 I charged because that amounted to the$50,000 she owed."

"Can I sue her for the $50,000, although the partner agreement was not in writing?"

An agreement can be made orally, by word of mouth, as well as in writing. You can go ahead and sue your friend for the money. The judge will make a determination on the matter.

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