Airlines holding us hostage!


February 22, 2016

Wah galang mi people? Is how unuh doing? A really hope unuh is behaving unuh self and not getting too caught up with dis orange and green affair. At di end a di day, remember we are one people. We are Jamaicans, not Socialists or Laborites!

So is it I alone who think these airlines are ridiculous with some of these fees they charge? (Airports too, but today is not their day!)

The other day I wanted to change a flight from point X to Z. At that moment, I wished I could literally walk gaa mi yaad! I waited a ridiculous amount of time on the phone listening to bad music and ads before I could speak to someone besides di machine! When I finally got someone, she couldn't help, so she passed me on to someone else. Talk about irritated! I had to go over the same thing twice. SMH!

The second rep, after explaining to him what I wanted, fus ting him a go tell me, "Miss, are you aware there is a US$200 charge fee?" *Tear out mi yiy* I said, "I'm aware there is a fee, but $200! That's ridiculous!"

"Ma'am (mi black coffee him a ma'am mi now!) I'm just telling you what it is. The first rep should have told you that! (Attitude) Did you look up another flight already?"

"No, and, at this moment, I don't think it makes any sense paying $200 to change a flight when a ticket cost $288!"

"I agree, so are you still interested in making the changes, Miss, or leave it as is?"

Tell yuh di truth, I neva waah answer him enuh because on top of him fiestiness, him a go tell mi say I have to pay for my luggage going back even though it was free coming. Now what kinda ting is that?!

Pon top a dat, I have to pay for a lap infant, likewise her luggage. Preposterous! You have to pay for a two-year-old child, not even half fare ... FULL! That is pure evil! After all the money you pay for fare and luggage, and this and that tax, they dwindle their cabin hospitality service to a #sumall cup a drinks and maybe a bag of chips. One time gone, yuh wudda get a decent likkle meal. All we do is pay more for less. When they want to rob us, they claim it's some kinda tax!

All airport improvement tax ... Is how much time we fi pay fi improvement? All day, everyday, every passenger, 365 days fi di year unuh a collect people US$10! I'm not good at maths, but a whole heap a chi-ching dat!

We should rally! We should rebel! We want air justice! Better flight packages! Just because dem know we have no choice. You just take it or leave it, but I say we have a voice! We have a choice! Everybody stay put for a month, at least! *covers face* No unuh tink is joke. When there is no demand, prices drop. They would be begging us to fly; prolly give away some free tickets. All the money they make off us don't worry they can afford it.

Just wait till we buss pon di teleport ting. Dem get sheg! LMAO! Wooie! Next week yah peeps. Take care!

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