Star of the Month: Spice talks family


February 22, 2016

To Dancehall followers Spice is known as the raunchy 'Stage Boss' who dominates the stage with her explicit lyrics and performances.

But at home, a different side of the 'So Me Like It' singer is shown, where she is the matriarch of her family of four which includes her fiance and their two children.

Although she has a daughter and son, the deejay is desirous of more children as she dreams of having a much bigger family. The STAR of the Month discusses marriage, her family and the possibility of more children.

STAR: You have been engaged for a few years now, when are you and your fiance planning on tying the knot?

Spice: He has to propose all over again. We will tie the know when the time is right and when we have enough money to finance the type of lavish wedding that I want.

STAR: How did your fiance, Nicholas propose?

Spice: He surprised me and popped the question on his birthday in front of friends and family at his birthday party.

STAR: What would your dream wedding look like?

Spice: I want white horses and an ancient looking theme. I won't say much but when I'm inside the church the tail of my dress must still be outside. I also want a very big ceremony catering for over a 1000 persons because I want some of my fans to be there.

STAR: What's your dream honeymoon location?

Spice: My dream honeymoon location was Paris but since I've already been there so many times, it's now Dubai.

STAR: Are you the type that would cry as she says her vows?

Spice: Yes mi bawlie bawlie bad so I'm sure I'm probably gonna cry.

STAR: How serious do you view the taking of your vows ritual?

Spice: My mom and dad were married and so I grew up knowing that vows are to be taken serious and so it's definitely something I take serious. That's one of the main reason why I haven't rushed into marriage yet because we both have to be 100 per cent ready.

STAR: Growing up, what advice were you given about marriage that stuck with you?

Spice: Growing up, I was told never to jump into marriage until I'm 100 per cent sure that I have found the right person to spend the rest of my life with

STAR: Do you believe in planned parenthood?

Spice: Planned Parenthood to me doesn't make a difference, it's just finding the right man to share that bond with because you can plan with a man and he turns out different than you expected. You can never plan and that man turned out to be the perfect father to your children or child so for me it's just finding the right man who values family.

STAR: Are you planning on having any more children? If yes how many?

Spice: Most definitely I want eight more kids and time is running out on me so I might have to try and have four kids one time.

STAR: In your house, who is the one the kids go to when they want a definite yes about something?

Spice: They would normally come to me because it's hard to resist when I see their little faces especially my daughter she gets away with everything

STAR: How important is it for your family to do things together?

Spice: It's extremely important for us to do things together because it gives us a stronger bond. We have our movie nights, our games nights or choose a location time, we do lots together. A family that prays together stays together and we practice that as well.

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