Predictions: My roller got stuck in a graveyard


February 25, 2016

In the early 1990s I operated a roller on a major road repair project in a place called Farm in south Manchester, and my job was to roll and compact the road surface.

One evening while on my way to park the roller it started to rain very hard. I lost control of the roller and it slid off the road into a graveyard where one wheel got stuck in the mud.

Shortly afterwards a crowd gathered and people expressed concern about the likely damage to the graves. I desperately needed to contact my boss but with no phone around at that time I had to get a motorcyclist to go and tell the boss the bad news and he promised to send help the next day. He made arrangement for a man with a front-end load to come and pull the heavy duty vehicle, but when the man came I got a surprise.

When he saw the graves, with fear in his eyes the man said, "Son, you better get help from somebody else, because me not going to make duppy kill me," and drove away, not saying anything to my boss. Realising that I was on my own I then took stock of the situation and went to a store and bought the necessary oils to protect myself, and taking the necessary steps returned to the site of the disabled roller.

After getting a man to help me move some stones into place to provide a grip for the wheel I chanted certain words from the Cabala, got into the roller and started it and drove it up on to the road. People were amazed at how easily I had done something which had seemed as if would require a crane to do. I have to say to everyone, with faith in God and courage we can do the impossible.

A mother visited, complaining that her six-year- old twins were unable to walk and still crawling like babies. I advised here to bring them to my office. After reading up, I asked the mother if she had smoked heavily during pregnancy.

She admitted this, as well as the fact that her boyfriend had also beaten her during this time. I pointed out that this combination of factors had damaged the children in the womb but that the boy was going to walk, but only God could help the girl.

I then prayed for them, giving the mother instruction to give the twins exercise to strengthen their body to heal. I then gave the mother some tonic for the children to drink and to also help them walk.

After about six months she visited and explained that the boy was walking normally and his sister was make some progress but had not yet reached his level.

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