Real Talk: Wayne Wonder opens up about love, romance


February 25, 2016
Wayne Wonder
Wayne Wonder
Wayne Wonder

Wayne Wonder opens up about love, romance

(Singing) "No letting go, no holding back..."

Hey my Real Talk fam, welcome back to another exciting week. This week my guest is none other than the soulful, Wayne Wonder. Today, he answers questions on fatherhood, relationships and his friendship with reggae artiste Buju Banton.

Renee: What kind of father are you?

Wayne Wonder: I think I am lenient; I am the one the kids come to and say, 'dad, so and so happened', so I think I am the lenient one.

Renee: What qualities do you look for in a woman?

Wayne Wonder: I look for honesty and realness, somebody who is real in every situation.

Renee: What kind of partner are you?

Wayne Wonder: (laughs) I'm not going to say, I'm bad. I am a good partner because I am a good person. You know, Wayne Wonder is a lover, not a fighter. I pour out so much love and passion. When I love, I love 100 per cent and it even comes out in my music.

Renee: We know you were very good friends with Buju Banton, when was the last time you spoke to him?

Wayne Wonder: I haven't spoken to him in a while because the situation is a little complicated. I know that he is OK because sometimes I get messages through his son.

Renee: How did your friendship with Buju start?

Wayne Wonder: We met some years ago by Winston Riley's record store downtown. From there we kicked off our friendship. We took him to Penthouse and introduced him to the whole team and we start par from then and start making music. The rest is what it is from then. Buju will always be my friend.

Renee: Many may say you have not been present locally, where have you been?

Wayne Wonder: I have been around the world. My music has taken me to places where I can't even pronounce the name of the city. Not because I'm not here, I'm still working. Jah bless me in such a way that promoters always want me around the world. Sometimes I say I want to be here more, but I'm always off to somewhere. When the work calls upon you, you just have to be there.

I know you want to hear more from Wayne, but we'll wrap things up next week. Until then, keep it real.

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